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All Partied Out

by - Monday, April 19, 2010

Boy, things have been quiet around here. Sorry for the lack of posts lately but I've been consumed with party prep for the last week. It went great and I think all 60 of our guests had a good time! The little one was so excited she barely ate and didn't want to nap all day and now she's battling a cold, had a fever, and is teething BIG TIME. I swear, it looks like her molars will come in all at once!

So, its been a tiring few days around here. I'm still waiting for the party pics from my
photographer/talented cousin so for now I'll leave you with this one little peek. Carpet is being installed in the bedroom next week so hopefully I'll have more reno progress to share with you soon.

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  1. Looks LOVELY! Can't wait to see the photos!


  2. this is a magazine all (dining room included) look fab-u-lous! you are inspiring me as my Charlotte has a party coming up soon but I just can't seem to get it right. can't wait to see more!

  3. I second the magazine shot reference, that was my first thought when I saw it... well, right after, Wow! :)

    Waiting impatiently for more!

  4. I third the magazine shot reference! What a fantastic photo - I can't wait to see more! And the party looks like so much fun. :)

  5. Now THAT looks like a party!

  6. That's some party - so pretty with all the pink and green and yummy cupcakes and sweet little birthday girl.


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