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Artist Spotlight: Jeffrey Flores

by - Sunday, April 04, 2010

Let's leave this bit of nastiness behind, shall we? We've had a beautiful sunny and warm Easter weekend here. Time to throw open the windows, let the breeze blow in, and bring with it thoughts of summer days just around the corner...

Jeffrey Flores art, artwork by Jeff Flores
...days of being outside, hot sun on sweaty skin...

Jeffrey Flores art, artwork by Jeff Flores
...hanging with friends, or just chillin' out.

Jeffrey Flores art, artwork by Jeff FloresGoodbye winter days. Time to put the layers away!
Jeffrey Flores art, artwork by Jeff Flores

Original illustrations by my brother Jeffrey! He is the true artist in the family. You can get in touch with him at if you'd like to get one of his pieces for your own.

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  1. Are you serious?! That's your brother's work?! I LOVE IT.

    Kind of South Beach meets the seventies. Or something. Very cool.


  2. Wow, he's good. You have talent in your family.

  3. Kelly - yeah I don't know how he managed to capture that 70's vibe so well, considering he was grew up in the late 80's.

    Thanks Grace!

  4. What a talented family!! Love his work.

  5. These are amazing! Your brother is crazy-talented!

    What medium does he use? I LOVE the creases in the Welcome To Venice Beach - so subtle but they add so much.

  6. Kathleen - He says he uses graphite and charcoal on watercolour paper, then colours it digitally.


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