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Finds At The Fair

by - Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I blame it on the mommy brain.

1. Remember our plans to go to the antique fair last weekend? 80km into our road trip I realized that I HAD THE WRONG WEEKEND. Oy.

2. My friend Tara had mentioned in the comments of my post that she frequents Southworks Antiques in Cambridge. Rather than turn around, we decided to keep driving and check it out. HandyMan, Chloe and I had visited Cambridge last summer after hearing about a great antique mall, but we couldn't find it. All we found was this outlet mall, filled with shoe stores, discount linen shops, and a place that sells socks and only socks.

So we googled the place Tara mentioned (gotta love the iPhone) and ended up here:

Yes, its the SAME PLACE we were at last summer. How we could miss the entrance and the 30,000 sq ft antique mall upstairs is beyond me!

But maybe things were supposed to turn out this way because we found a few little things, like these old yardsticks:
My plan is to stack them one atop the other and affix them to a wall somewhere, maybe in the new basement, and mark Chloe's height each year.

We also found this nice mail slot:

HandyMan will strip all the paint off of it, paint it black, and replace this ugly rusting thing:

I think this used to be the milk door, where fresh bottles of milk were dropped off. Its been boarded up on the outside and a mailslot added but on the inside, we still have a little door we open to access the mail. HandyMan will probably clean up the exterior while he's at it. Our poor mailman has suffered looking at this thing long enough.

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  1. You are sooo sweet to mention me and my lil blog! And don't forget that the Christie show is coming up at the end of May too. We had one of those little milk doors in our home growing up and my brother used to sneak into the house through it!

  2. Sarah8:04 AM

    I would suggest putting the rulers in your kitchen doorway. I know someone who has heights marked off in their cottage kitchen and everyone stops to look!

  3. Love the yardstick idea. Anything 'old school' interests me greatly. I was given a typewriter for my birthday and am looking for a school desk for it.

  4. we also have a milk door that has been boarded up and painted white. it's an eyesore and i am forever trying to think of how to make it look nice.

  5. Would you say it's worth the drive?

  6. Oh wow - what great finds, especially that new/old mail slot! It's beautiful... I'm looking forward to hitting some antique fairs this summer as well!

  7. Get out! We have the exact same milk-box with the same terrible paint job, against the exact same brick. We are bricking it up and putting a mailbox in its place.

    Love the rulers...

    Do we STILL get to blame mommy brain? Nice!

  8. Love the rulers! My mom did a similar measuring thing with my brother & me on a long mirror... it was always a fun way to mark our birthday!

  9. loving the new mailbox, its going to be fabulous!

  10. the mail box plate is an awesome find!


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