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Let's Go To The Fair!

by - Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Antique fair, that is. Its that time of the year when we pack up the kid and head out on a road trip to a small town in southern Ontario in search of vintage treasure. This weekend we're going to be a bit ambitious and try and visit Artefacts, of our favourite architectural salvage stores, and then head to the spring opening of the Aberfoyle Antique Market. We're on the lookout for a few things, bits of trim and filagree to dress up the antique doll bed and dresser Mama HandyMan gave us, a door plate for our old-style doorbell, and maybe a throw for the end of the bed. Even if we come home empty-handed, the hunt will be fun.

Anyone else headed to the fair this weekend?

Photo from Sarah's House 3; photo by Stacy Brandford

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  1. oh I wish I was headed to the fair- have fun.

  2. no...sadly I'm not. But that's because I've been making little trips to Cambridge to their fabulous Antique Southworks Antiques and now I don't have the budget for it! I AM saving pennies for Christie which is coming up at the end of May...which is always a fabulous outdoor show! Have fun this weekend!!!

  3. oooh Have fun! Hopufully you do find some awesome things to show us =)

  4. I am heading to Aberfoyle next weekend, but hitting up the Kingsway-Lambton Flea Market in Toronto on Saturday. You can read about what I find on my blog on Monday: Good luck hunting!

  5. On May 29th the Christie Antique Show is happening. There's an $8 admission, but i think it's well worth it.

  6. Hi, I found your blog from Sharon at Home's blog. I love finding other Canadian bloggers. We're west of Toronto, about 1/2 way to Aberfoyle. Love going there too. Have fun.

  7. Tara - I should be saving my pennies for Christie too! I picked up some great stuff there last summer.

    Shannon - nice to hear from another Toronto blogger :) I'll be checking out your blog to see what you score for your $20.

    Roncie Vic - will definitely be going to Christie. Maybe we'll see you there!

    Elizabeth - Hi!

  8. I was so excited to see that it's fair time! I'm heading to Toronto for the first time ever over the May long weekend and was hoping to re-enact the part of Sarah's shows where she wanders through fields of antiques... that just doesn't happen out west... but it looks like all the big ones are on other weekends! sigh. : ) Enjoy your adventure!

  9. Good luck on your hunt and have a great time.

    We have rain coming all weekend so I am making Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls:) No shopping for me.

  10. I want to go!!!

    Can't wait to see what you find!

    I'm jealous. = )

  11. No, but am I insanely jealous? YES. Just kidding -- have fun!!!


  12. i hope to be going to aberfoyle next weekend and definitely going to christie in may. another canuck here (the falls).
    i love your house. we're in the process of doing a million things to our 80-year-old place. current project: removing all of the original trim, sanding, and re-staining. estimated time of project: forever!!

  13. Oh, don't you adore that chair from Sarah's House!! What did you find?


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