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The Basement: Making the Wish List

by - Tuesday, May 04, 2010

HandyMan and I have started to think a bit more seriously about the basement renovation. Similar houses in the neighbourhood have recently sold for 40% (gulp!) more than we paid 2.5 years ago and we know we need to have a finished basement in order to get top dollar if and when we sell. And with the little one taking her first steps now, she could definitely use the room to run about and play! I thought you guys might like to see the thought process we go through so I'll be posting about the basement, starting with the design through to demo, picking materials, and final finishing. I'll be honest, we're not moving as fast as we used to so this will be a loooooong process ;)

First up: the wish list.

The basement in its current state is livable (but ugly and inefficient and dark). Luckily, our ceilings are about 7' so we won't need to dig down. The walls are textured and accented in a splattered paint technique and the floors are covered in a rough carpet. We have a large laundry room, an adequate bathroom, a kitchenette that we have no use for, and a rec room that's on the small side. There is also a step up into the rec room and we have no idea why the floor is raised. I'm just hoping we don't find another mouse-house like we found in the kitchen!

You can see the original floor plan here.

So what do we want to do to this basement? Here's a few things on our wish list:

- countertops in the laundry room for folding
- additional storage for off-season clothing
- pantry for storing canned goods
- work space (we'll be moving the home office to the basement)
- an area for crafting/sewing
- play area
- space for Chloe to run about
- maximum use of natural light
- redecorated bathroom
- heated floor in the bathroom
- TV/entertainment area
- consistent flooring
- open plan

Hopefully we'll be able to transform the space into something we love and a place we love spending time in. Anything else you would add to the wish list?

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  1. Do you have a guest room? Maybe a pull out couch would be a good idea just in case you have someone over for the night? Unless you were planning on turning the office into a guest room?

    Plans sound wonderful!!

  2. We just completed our own basement reno -- it's messy, expensive and crazy but all worth it in the end. Can't get over how nice it is to have more living space, a second bathroom, organized living space and an attractive laundy area. Good luck!!!

  3. What?! 40%? Count your blessings you had the foresight to select a home in such a good neighborhood! Janell

  4. I would echo the pull-out sofa idea, as well as perhaps a bar fridge, laundry sink, and space for hanging clothes to dry.

    We are almost finished our basement reno and used the fun glossy red cabinets from Ikea on the bottom and the frosted glass ones on top for a combo bar/laundry area.

  5. If your basement turns out anything like the rest of your home - then I'm sure it will be amazing! I am anxiously awaiting the bedroom update!

  6. Nosey question.... what is the office going to become? Guest bedroom? More kiddies? Craft room?

    If you're not turning a room upstairs into a guest bedroom, I agree with LifeBegins@Thirty that a pull out couch or murphey bed would be a good idea. Something that could be used for when Chloe has a bunch of girls over for a sleep over (if you plan on staying where you are for that long) or an out of town guest.

  7. Can't wait to see what you do! Everything looks so amazing and inspiring.

    Might be nice to include some storage for toys - built-in cabinet or chest or something. That's probably already included when you say "play area"...

  8. I had a wee chuckle when you wrote that you're not working as quickly as you once were... the same can be said for my hubby and I. We've pretty much completed the main floor but, like you & HM, we have the basement left to do (a full reno for us, including roughing in a bathroom)... and we've slowed down considerably! I don't know about you, but we're actually running out of steam... and money! It's all about completing one element at a time, isn't it?
    Good luck! Looking forward to seeing your progress :-)
    Victoria @ DesignTies

  9. Great suggestions on the pullout sofa or murphy bed! We currently have a double bed in the nursery and I'm still deciding on what to put in the 'former' office... maybe a daybed with a trundle underneath? It could be a kids' bedroom at some point if we have another little one.


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