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Christie Antiques Show

by - Thursday, May 27, 2010

If you live in southern Ontario, you best head over to the Christie Antiques Show this Saturday. It is THE best antiques show around these parts (Sarah Richardson and many other HGTV personalities have been spotted there) and I wouldn't miss it. So even though HandyMan can't make it, I'll be leaving the baby at grandma's and heading there on my own with a wishlist of items I hope to find like:

Vintage eduational posters

Globes and maps

Old children’s books for framing

Grace Happens

Milk glass or depression glass cake plates

Fishs Eddy

and more old photos (like this one we picked up at the fair last year)

Anything else I should keep my eyes peeled for? What's on your antique wish list?

Toronto bloggers & readers: If you're headed to Christie too, do say hi if you spot me in the crowd :) I'd love to meet you in person (and see what goodies you've picked up!)


A few more days left to enter the book giveaway. Leave a comment on this post for your chance to win!

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  1. Oh I wish I could go ... but it is my annual Quilt Guild bus trip. We are off to St. Jacob for the quilt show!!!!

  2. you've really tempted me! I may just go...

    we'll see how I recover from Friday night... SATC 2 girls night out ;)

  3. Sharon - St. Jacob is tons of fun too. Have fun at the quilt show!

    Liz - you must go. I rescheduled SATC night on Friday so I could go, lol! Antiques before Cosmos, I guess ;)

  4. I'm seriously lusting over that vintage educational poster and the globes. Love, love, love!


  5. I'll be there...and I'll look for you with, I'm certain, the armful of treasures that you'll find.

  6. I can't make it this time, but I am for sure going in September. Can't wait to see what you get!

  7. i'll be there!!
    is the panoramic photo from a store called smash in toronto?? it looks very similar to one i admired last year.
    my wish list is insanely long. don't even know where to start with that one!!
    i blend into crowds but the husband is 6'10" and has a handlebar moustache. say hi if you spot him!!

  8. oh I'm going too! I can't decide whether to go early in the day (best selection) or late (best deals!). I will definitely keep my eyes peeled for you. I'm looking at fireplace mantels & for a cheap dresser that I can paint...oh and anything industrial looking...especially lighting!
    good luck and I hope to see you and all your treasures!

  9. Anonymous10:05 AM

    I'll be there for sure!!!! Can't wait to see all the goodies

  10. I'm a new reader and just wanted to pop in and say hello!

    I WISH I was going to this Antiques Show!! It's a bit far from Edmonton... I'll just dream of all the goodies from here :)

  11. I hope you post all the goodies you find!! Janell

  12. Oh! I wish I had gone but was away this weekend. It looks wonderful! I will have to try in September. Would love you see what treasures you found there...please post some pics!

  13. I wanted to go sooo bad, but it just wasn't happening (I wouldn't have found my gorgeous chair if I went anyway....) I'm hoping to make it in September! Can't wait to see what you picked up while you were there!

  14. I so wanted to go but my sister's family from NYC was driving in the day before and I didn't think I could convince my 3 year old niece that going for ANOTHER drive was really what she would want to do after being stuck in the car for 11 hours :( Oh well, there's always September and next May, right? Hope you found some great finds...I'm sure you did!


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