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We ♥ ikea

by - Sunday, June 13, 2010

Its no secret that we love Ikea here at the HandyLuster household. We've used it in many of our rooms like our home office and nursery. Mostly, we love to customize it to suit our needs - make it look built-in, tailored, bespoke. So when I come across innovative ways to use Ikea, it makes my heart flutter.

These are evocative and moody images from the new Ikea catalogue (styling by Lo Bjurulf). I've never seen Ikea look so bohemian!

Do you ever think that Ikea stuff looks 'too Ikea'? Here's some clever ways to incorporate pieces into your home, without sacrificing your personal style...

Images above are from the Ikea LIVE site, a place for tips and inspiration from real folk like me and you.

And if we're talking Ikea, we have to talk Ikea kitchens. We're planning on using some cabinetry in our basement renovation, in the craft area, work space, and laundry room. I'd like to stick with the shaker-style look we have throughout the rest of our home. Here's a fabulous & informative article on painting Ikea kitchen cabinets from interior designer Carol Reed. Its a must read for every DIY'er using Ikea, I think!

How about you? Any favourite Ikea products or projects in your own home?

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  1. Sometimes, I get bored with Ikea, so thanks for this post reminding on how great their things can be and how they can be personalized.

  2. Anonymous11:21 PM

    I agree! Ikea sometimes is the best solution! And lately they've been looking better than ever!


  3. We live many, many miles (car ride ferry ride car ride) from the nearest Ikea, so I have fewer Ikea items than the average urban bear. I do own two wooden-clad Ikea dressers from the 1970s. They were mine as a teenager (an yes, I am that old). They have traveled across the country 2 1/2 times and are still in use. Utilitarian and pretty boring, and ready to be re-invented...good thing there are so many blogs with crazy good ideas for painting dressers.
    I must admit when I get into an Ikea I feel trapped--the layout forces you through the whole darn store which makes me feel like a rat in a maze. Yay for online shopping!

  4. I love this post! I agree anytime you can use ikea but customize it, is win, win!

  5. I love seeing ikea incorporated into looks where you would never guess it existed!

  6. A beautiful room! that bed is wonderful!Lovely pictures! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Thanks for sharing the article on painting the ikea cabinets. Most likely I'll be using their cabinets for our kitchen remodel.

    I love the sheepskins at ikea. During the last cold winter, we used them as blankets while sitting on the couch and on long drives.

  8. My problem with Ikea isn't with the look of a lot of their products, since I find most to be extremely versatile -- it's with the quality.


    And the forty thousand two hundred and seventy four different pieces required for assembly.

    And the quality.

    But I really like the pictures you picked. And no one can argue that they offer reasonably priced solutions that work in a lot of spaces!


  9. laurajane10:14 AM

    Just finishing our Adel White Ikea kitchen- it looks AMAZING and we're so thrilled. I'm all about high-lows, so we bought the relatively cheap cabinets, and finished it with a slab of grey granite. LOVE it. :)

    I love that first photo in this blog entry- beautiful styling!!

  10. I love Ikea - the closest one to me is the Chicago-ish stores. I love the Expedit and their organizing capabilities!

  11. I'm always impressed at how other people manage to find (and use) Ikea treasures, but I do struggle with incorporating them into the rest of my home without them looking very obvious...

  12. Thanks so much for featuring us on your blog. We think it's stunning! /IKEA FAMILY LIVE team

  13. Great images! Thanks so much for sharing. There is so much to love about Ikea. Their white storage boxes are a favorite of mine.

  14. We live really really far from an IKEA which really is sad because I have never been to a store and it would be really sad to plan a road trip based on that. Now if I pretend we are going to another place and just happen to drive by though....

  15. Definitely have a love/hate thing with Ikea. Some of it is just too "clean" for me and it's hard for me to get over the "disposable furniture concept" - it is because you'll be lucky to have most of the pieces in 10 years. It serves a purpose though. Designer Sarah Richardson ALWAYS paints her Ikea cabinets in Sarah's House and it looks amazing - super custom. She says the secret is getting them sprayed. Thanks for the inspiration!



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