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Vintage Finds

by - Thursday, June 03, 2010

Its funny how having a kid literally changes your view on things. I don't know if its true of all parents, but I find my myself increasingly drawn to cute things, to whimsical, sweet, miniature things. Things with adorable details and things that remind me of my own childhood.

I'm not sure I would have even noticed such items before but at the Christie Antique Show I was instantly drawn to the booths with the vintage toys, old schoolbooks, and worn out board games. I picked up this little cutie. Its a child-size dress form. She has the most perfect colour, a rosy pink hue. I like the subtle texture of the paper mache and the delicate pattern.


She is tempting me to dust off the old sewing machine and make cute little aprons and sundresses for my girl (that is, if I could actually sew!). I envision this going in Chloe's new play area when we redo the basement. She can put her costumes on it, her tutus and boas and hats.


This is a little chair and table I bought for Chloe too. I won't be repainting it; the rich red and marks and nicks are part of its charm! There was only one chair so I'll keep my eye out for other kiddo chairs to add to the mix.


And I'm not a big baker, but I have a nice collection of cake stands. I just had to have this one:


Oh, Fenton hobnail glass cake stand, you make me swoon! I think I will have to whip up a batch of cupcakes pretty darn soon just so I can have you sitting out on my counter.

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  1. I love that cake stand! It's always great to go back to your younger years! Embrace the whimsy!

  2. Can I just say that cake stand is to die for!! Great find!!!

  3. I love the child size judy - so adorable. I'm sure Chloe will have lots of fun playing with her.

    Would you believe I didn't buy a thing there. Nothing really struck me or if it did, it was out of my price range or sold. I knew I shouldn't have posted on my blog that I was going - so lame I didn't buy anything!

  4. Beautiful cake stand and I looove the red furniture. Great finds!

  5. What great finds! I like them all, but especially that Fenton cake stand. I have a collection of Fenton eggs.

  6. Such adorable finds .
    Love that cake stand , I am desperatly looking to replace my green jadite cake stand that broke , still so sad about that , I would love one like your new one too , gotta head out to aberfoyle soon.

  7. I love everything you got! I am going for sure in September!

  8. that cake stand is lovely!

  9. Vanessa - I know, there were lots of things I liked that were already sold. You'll just have to try again in September!

    Just Beachy - Have you checked out Fishs Eddy? They have lovely jadeite cake stands. Let me know when you're headed to Aberfoyle and maybe we can meet up. HandyMan is eager to go since he couldn't come to Christie.

  10. Love that dress form!! I find myself drawn to the mini thing too.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. I have to admit I was also a little disappointed this year. I did pick up a few things but on the whole it seemed over priced.

  12. Rosie Begonia6:25 AM

    You scored! My friend and I (and our husbands) had planned to go to Christies but plans changed b/c of work. So we went on a drive and ended up in the village of Rockwood (near Milton). Found a great little store (I think it was just called Second Hand Shop). Great prices -- and they had a mannequin, probably a little larger than the one you bought. I'll be going back again to Rockwood. And I will get to Christie's this September -- especially now that you have shared your great buys.
    Rosie Begonia

  13. I love that little table and chair. I find myself looking at vintage children's things now too since having a baby. And of course the milkglass is so pretty. I think the show is coming back in September, I will have to go then!
    Have a great weekend

  14. I LOVED the Christie Antique Show this year and ended up getting a teeny child's chair. I had to stop myself from buying a bunch of old antique dumptrucks and such which were adorable!

    P.S. Love the cake stand as well!

  15. Oh! The cake stand! My grandmother left me all of her Fenton hobnail items (candlesticks, vases, jars, etc). It's just lovely. I can't get enough of it. But I do not have the cake stand. It's gorgeous!

  16. I think 'Fenton Hobnail' is a good name for a young Charles Dickens character, don't you?


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