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Rustic Modern Decor

by - Thursday, July 22, 2010

The area I'm most looking forward to in the basement remodel is the crafting area. I love having things organized, labeled, and put away so we're going to have a bank of cabinetry to store paints, fabric, wrapping paper, and art supplies. The basement will have a bit more modern look than the rest of the house so we're planning on sleek Ikea cabinetry to house all our stuff.

Rustic Modern Decor

I dream though of pairing the contemporary cabinetry with a more rustic working table. I have visions of Chloe sitting beside me, scribbling away as I work on the sewing machine, making her little pinafores with matching kerchifs, just like my mom made for me as a kid (what can I say - it was the 1970's and Laura Ingalls and Holly Hobbie were my heroes).

rustic modern decor rustic modern decor

I love this look. Rustic farmhouse tables paired with mismatched chairs. We could even take our time with the chairs, picking ones up here and there at garage sales or antique shows. Chloe could help me paint them, a fun little art project as time goes by.

rustic modern decor
rustic modern decor rustic modern decor rustic modern decor

The harvest table with more modern chairs looks just as nice - though, I'm sure we have don't have the budget for six Marais A chairs! A good thing about the worn table is that any paint spill or crayon marking just adds to the charm!

Image sources: Marie Claire Maison, Habitually Chic, daisy chain, Melanie Acevedo photography, Country Living, Apartment Therapy

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  1. Your inspiration pictures are beautiful! I love a big farm table with modern or different charis, I could go either way. You have to be so excited about this new space!
    Have a fabulous day.

  2. love, love, love all the ideas.
    i still have my little house dress and pinafore my mom sewed for me...and the bonnet i sewed myself! I remember those days well. I was OBSESSED.

  3. I heart rustic + modern! There is just something about the combination of warn wood, the clean look of white, and a dash of metal.

  4. I love, love, love rustic meets modern. Can't wait to see how it turns out.


  5. What a lovely daydream.

    The son of the owner of my favorite antique store in OKC is building rustic tables out of reclaimed wood from the area. And I LOVE them. Something like that just might be my next big purchase.

  6. I love that look as well! I cannot wait to see what you guys are cooking up with your basement!

  7. I just love this look! I'd love that in my house!

  8. I love a good antique farmhouse table, so I love the idea!

  9. Love your blog!
    You asked where I ordered the Darcy wallpaper, and I ordered it directly from the Graham & Brown website. It was delivered quickly! I found it less expensive than ordering through a Toronto retailer... Enjoy!

  10. nicole10:22 PM

    LOVE that last table--was it on apartment therapy recently?


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