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Things To Do With Your Kid: #1 Pool Party

by - Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Did you ever, when you were young and single and doing something so fun, say to yourself "I want to do this with my own kid some day"? I did and usually it was about the simple things... baking cookies for Christmas, flying a kite, playing in the rain. Now that I have a kid, I get to relive those moments and check them off the list. This is one of those things:

Nothing beats hanging out by the pool in the shade...

maybe next time though the kid will realize she can't sit on the inflatable sides and won't accidentally soak me with pool water :)

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  1. This video is so cute! I love how she is just "lounging" and then slowing shimmies her way to the other side of the pool. Looked like a lot of fun!

  2. She is ADORABLE!!! I love her swimsuit.


  3. I know I say this every time - but Chloe is just the cutest. No, really. Adorable.

  4. seriously darling!

  5. Awww, sooo sweet!!! I love how she scoots over from one side to the other. Adorable. ;)

  6. Adorable!!! You just want to cuddle her she's so cute! I love kids splashing in water. They are just so excited!

  7. Anonymous2:44 PM

    I too love her suit. Super cute. It looks like she is having it made in the shade. What a charmer she is. Can I be obnoxious and say that one thought that occurred to me while looking at that was that Chloe would make a great big sister? Ha ha, no pressure! But my kiddo and little one LOVE to splash together in the tub, which is just about the sweetest thing ever, so it came to mind.


  8. jbhat - you sound like my mother, lol! No worries, I've had the same thought ;)

  9. Anonymous1:23 PM

    so cute. i haven't tried putting my kid in a kiddie pool like that yet. i don't have trees for shades in our backyard YET. although i've put him in the tub and i join him there. likes to splash water around too. it's rainy season here but guess what we're going to do next year for summer? thanks for the great idea.


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