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Martha Stewart Cabinetry at Home Depot Canada

I guess you never know who's reading your blog, huh? Just after I made this post about how I've been stalking the Home Depot for the new Martha Stewart cabinetry, I was contacted by the HD marketing department to let me know of the launch of their new Martha Stewart Living Experience site. 

I've spent the better part of this evening devouring the site and drooling over some of my favourite things like...

...these glass options. When we were researching at the Home Depot for our kitchen renovation, we found that some of the cabinetry lines didn't even offer glass front options; we would have to order the door frame and source the glass ourselves! So the fact that Martha offers so many varied glass fronts is quite unique.

...the different door styles. And in such pretty colours too!

...the standard features - pull out wood shelving, message centres, storage trays and drawers. A bit more eye candy for you...

I can't wait for these cabinets to show up in my local store. They really strike me as a great alternative to pricier custom cabinetry. Check out the Home Depot Martha Stewart Living Experience site for yourself.

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