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Thank You Auntie Shan!

by - Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I have the best readers - I honestly do. Auntie Shan, one of my frequent commenters, saw this post where I showed the fabrics for Chloe's play kitchen and she decided to whip up a little gift for Chloe. What's a kitchen without a washcloth, especially one as cute as this...

Chloe loves the gift Auntie Shan! She is a cleaning fiend and loves to wipe her bowls and our appliances so this washcloth will get lots of use. Thanks again!! If you'd like an Auntie Shan original yourself, do check out her blog and see pics of her 'babies' here.

Speaking of the kitchen, I hope to reveal it by the end of this week. We've finished building the stove and sink and are partway through the fridge!

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  1. **THANK YOU!!!**

    Geez! And IT even *matches* Her Outfit! Nice touch, BTW. - Anyhow, I'm pleased that Chloe is getting so much "entertainment" out of IT.

    A NOTE to Any NEW PARENTS - Forget the Expensive Toys! From Birth to Age 3, They get a BIGGER thrill from the BOX the Toy CAME in *than* the Toy itself! And if the BOX makes a Noise when They smack it against something - even BETTER!

    Meanwhile, "when" ever it's Time to REdecorate, let me know!!


  2. what a nice treat from Auntie!!!! cant wait to see the big reveal!!!! she is sooo cutie! I give my son a cloth to 'wash' and he always "washes" his forehead for some reason?

  3. I love these kind of "toys"!! Super cute!

  4. Was just over at The Brick House ( reading about Rambling Renovators making Furnish Mag's weekly pick of interior design blogs!


  5. that is so nice--and how cute is that little washcloth! can't wait to see the finished kitchen:)

  6. How sweet! My girls love to clean too.. not a bad thing is it?! So nice to meet you! xx

  7. Aww, so sweet (and practical)! I love the colours!


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