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I Mean Business

by - Wednesday, November 24, 2010

See this... isn't it pretty? This is my new business card. The ones I ordered in prep for the meetup. The ones I hoped would arrive last week. And the ones that still haven't appeared in my mailbox. Sigh.

But they were too pretty not to show you. Yes, those are handy rulers on the back printed in a rainbow of colours. I always find myself in a furniture store or Home Depot fishing around in my purse looking for something to measure with, don't you?

Its so strange to call myself a blogger, put it on a piece of paper and make it permanent. I've always thought of blogging as my hobby and while it is, it can be something more if you want it to be. The GKHair representative that spoke at our blogger party talked about how bloggers shouldn't be afraid to ask from things, how some corporations recognize the power and influence bloggers have and want to work with you, how "we" are a legitimate media resource. An interesting perspective, though I'm not entirely convinced many Canadian corporations share that view... yet. What's your take on being a blogger? Do you tell people you are a blogger, or is it something you share with only a select few?

Anyhow, I'm sure I'll love my new business cards - when I finally get them.

Cards from

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  1. Anonymous9:37 PM

    Why share it with only a few? Sing it out! I enjoy your blog and many others out there. If you don't think it can be a business check out Decor8 or Design Sponge. Design Sponge has lots of advertising and is bring out a book in 2011. With regards to Canadian Corps. all you can do is ask.

  2. Anonymous9:51 PM

    I truly admire your determination. Yes, I blog, but everyone who knows I blog considers it a hobby. I've asked businesses for lots of things and have received two large items -- two paint sprayers valued at $135 (one for me and one to give away) and some wonderful ceiling tile valued at $200. I've received 2 review items from CSN, valued at about $100 (maybe a little more). I've asked for a lot more, but haven't received it.

    The thing is -- I've been doing this for 1 and 1/2 years. I guess I've stopped trying hard enough or I've grown content with where I am...who knows? Anymore, I just accept what is offered, which is very little when I consider the time I spend blogging.

    When you consider -- let's say...ten sponsors at $20 a month (which is pretty steep), that's still only $200 a month, plus some freebies -- on a great month, let's say another $200. I just don't see where you can make money unless you're one of the monster bloggers.

    Boy -- I wish I knew the secret. We love to blog, would it not be wonderful to make money at the same time? Oh my -- love your blog, and I think you can make it happen.

    By the way -- I LOVE THOSE CARDS!

  3. Great cards Jennifer! Too bad I didn't get one at the event because I would have loved a little ruler to keep in my wallet!

    As for letting my blogging be known, I tell a lot of people and I have just started talking to companies about it. I think companies (even Canadian ones) are starting to come around. I got two new pairs of boots from Cougar to try out...for free! I agree with the GK Hair rep in that we are an influential bunch!

    Go get 'em Jen!

  4. BRILLIANT cards Jen! I really love that idea! As for blogging, I have to admit I have been mulling the same things over and over in my mind since Saturday night. I guess by keeping it a hobby for fun, it keeps the pressure off and the expectations manageable, but you always wonder - what if???

  5. I love those business cards - brilliant idea with the ruler. Too bad they didn't come in time. I guess you will be all set for the next event.

  6. Anonymous11:01 PM

    I have decided to embrace it and tell people. But I don't know how comfortable I am accepting advertising or products. Something to think about.

  7. I don't tell people I have a blog- it bores even me sometimes, lol. but I love moo. and your cards look great.

  8. GREAT CARDS, JENN! They're Cute AND Useful! Do NOT be afraid to hand them out like Candy! Hope you ordered a LOT.

    I've had mine for years! And, seriously, it doesn't matter if you Blog OR, just like to Stand in the middle of some Store contemplating their Inventory - WHEN you hand Someone *YOUR* Card, it's a Polite Gesture of Good Business. -- Hey, I hear the Japanese *LIVE* for great Business Cards!

    Oh, and WHEN they DO, show up... COUNT them! And check them over - some times you get a few "missing" or off-set ones...

  9. I just sent my business cards to the printer yesterday! So much fun anticipating their return! Since starting my blog mere weeks ago I have told a LOT of people... it's too exciting not to right now. We'll see how this ride goes. : ) Love your cards, especially the punchy colours!

  10. I think your cards are great. I blog, but it's a hobby for me. I do admire those who have taken blogging to another level.

  11. These cards are fantastic. I blog as a hobby...but I like that you can keep your blogs simple or go all out nuts with it. THere are options.

  12. Very few people know that I blog, as I am bit embarrassed to tell people about the real me and my interests. Other than the people who follow me I think that there are about 2 people in my circle of friends that know. I guess the part of self promotion doesn't appeal to me and sounds like I am bragging, plus I don't take criticism well. I would love to have business cards but would be afraid to hand then out and would sit in a box. So for me blogging is super personal and a way just to write and get idea out of my head.
    I love your blog and those cards are wonderful!

  13. I love this discussion! When I started my blog, I was shy about it, didn't really tell people. But it's been fascinating to connect with so many creative and awesome people now that I've started putting it out there. Have't approached any businesses yet, but I'm curious about it!

  14. I love your cards! Brilliant! As for telling people I blog, I don't, I find blogging personal and am afraid of rejection, which is something I struggle with, find that the whole follower #'s, who gives the best giveaways, who is recognized, can be so high school. I just need to ask, which I have and am now featured on some sites and will be {hopefully} on in the New Year {submitted my stuff yesterday}
    But you are right about being influential, my husband is listening {and I will when he is finished) to a podcast by the CBC about the revolution in social media and the power of people; the history of communication of mankind from the power of the church, Reformation, the printing press, etc to today's power of twitter and blogs! Fascinating!

  15. Love the cards! I've been wanting to try ordering from Moo... other than them not arriving on time did you find their process easy? worth it?

    Coming from a marketing background, I agreed with everything that the GKHair representative said. I have personally had to approach bloggers and ask them for/to do things, and let me tell you, most of the time I am sooo nervous about what they will say. Yes? No? I don't know whether to talk to them informally or in a professional "corporate" tone. And I think that a lot of big companies feel the same way...

    I have had my blog for over a year, and have yet to have a company approach me... I'm sure it will come, I just need to put in more effort... but for now I just do it as a "release" and a way for me to chronicle my life. I definitely do not tell my friends and acquaintances that I blog... I'm not sure why... scared maybe? Afraid they will judge me? I dunno!

    Anyway, can't wait to see the cards. Perhaps we will meet again sometime and you can give me one, the ruler would be handy! ;)

  16. Love your business cards - great design. I almost went with Moo to print mine but feared they wouldn't come in time. In the end, I went with a huge place that could guarantee quick turn around time but the quality isn't great. I think I'll do another batch with Moo shortly.

    I think you easily could have put writer or journalist on your card because that is what you are. I think blogging is still like the wild, wild, west and no one is really sure how or where it will be used in the future. Because of this people are a little scared or uncertain of it. The lines between sponsorships, advertising, giveaways, and promotions are very blurry and I think big companies are starting to get wise to how much influence we have as bloggers and how cheaply or easily we come (when compared to large advertising campaigns). That's why I think it is important for bloggers to start taking themselves more seriously and understanding the role we play in the media and advertising fields.It will be interesting to see how thing develop over the next few years. I really do feel we need to mobilize ourselves as bloggers. I'm just not sure what or how is the best way yet.

    {Lovely talking to you today, by the way!}

  17. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Those are some very funky business cards, glad you shared them on your blog because I didn't get to the meetup and would've missed out (not that you handed them out anyways, but still...).

    I thought that Canada wasn't too keen on blogging until I moved to Panama a month ago. People here are definitely not into the blogging scene. In fact, some people look at me funny when I say "Can I blog about your hand crafted glass vessel sinks?" they don't get it, and don't know why I might "waste my time" (Especially since my blog fits into such a tight niche that not too many people care to check out regularly).
    But I still do it anyway because I love it :)

    And I LOVE YOUR BLOG. So keep up the fabulous work!

    *Tania @

  18. I love it!! Such awesome cards. = )

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  19. I can only imagine the talent and effort involved in growing and creating a blog big enough to generate serious revenue, and i totally admire those who have done it.

    For me it is a hobby, if i can share some handy tip or piece of advice that someone else can benefit from, that's reward enough for me. Frankly, i'm probably happier getting comments than products. I also like to remain anonymous, mostly as a safety precaution. Wouldn't want to come home one day and find the lovely item i was blogging about missing, because thieves were able to figure out who i am and where i live, through the internet.

  20. Great business cards!

    I do blogging really just for me and haven't really told anyone other than my sister-in-law (who I can't keep anything from and who celebrates anything I do with me) ... a couple friends have found out, but they think it is quirky and haven't really looked.

    I like blogging for the new people I meet. It has opened up new relationships, new ideas, etc. I loved meeting other bloggers at the S&C show,but was sort of shy about introducing myself, so I really missed going to the Meet Up and extending those relationships.

    It will never be a business for me ... I don't have that much to blog about (hahahaha) ... but I enjoy the process.

  21. Your cards are great- but a bummer that they're not here yet! I also just got some cards (but more because I just loved the design-ha!). You have put so much time and energy into your home and blog and if someone wants to partner with you for your mutual benefit, then I say, go for it!

  22. Anonymous6:44 PM

    I am a blooger, but have not been very good at "keeping up with the Jone's!" I was suppose to go to the get together, but a family situation came up so I wasn't able to attend. I was very disapppinted, I was hoping to get some guidance and share stories with all the amazing women.
    Regarding business cards, I just picked mine up from the printer "Pixel Print" Dundas west and realized my personal e-mail was on the card and not my biz one! Please tell me it will get better?
    Looking forward to the next get together.


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