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GREAT READS: A Year-End Blog Tour Part I

by - Monday, December 27, 2010

It IS the most wonderful time of the year, isn't it? I hope you are all having great holidays, spending time with friends and family, or just taking a bit of a breather and enjoying your own home. Since many of us use this downtime to relax and recharge (and catch up on our favourite blogs!), this week I thought I would share with you some of my favourite reads.

Over the next week, I'll be introducing you to some of my most favourite bloggers. Some you may know already and some may be new to you, but I think they're all pretty fabulous. I've asked them to tell you a bit about their blog and provide a link to their favourite post they've written in the past year.

There's a wide variety of blogs mentioned - some write about design and decor, some about life with their family, some write about photography, and others post beautiful inspirational images. They are mothers, wives, girlfriends, professionals, DIYers, and designers, and all of them resonate with me in some way.

I hope you follow the links and find some that resonate with you. Please enjoy these truly Great Reads!

(click on the blog headers or links to hop over to the blogs)

About the blog:
Jeremy & Kathleen is a documentation of life, food, inspiration, fashion, design, adventures (big and little) and details around the J&K home.

My favourite post:

It is so hard to pick a favorite post... but I really enjoyed revealing my home office after deciding to quit my job a senior art director at an advertising agency to pursue a career in freelance. And of course our trek to Mt. Everest in Nepal was a pretty big deal - I've combined all of those posts here.

About the blog:
Russet Street Reno is about crappy DIY projects, fabulous DIY projects, half-finished DIY projects, drinking wine, drinking beer, dirty jokes, my lack of a social life, my upcoming wedding, my paint-loving cats, and my grudgingly helpful fiance dodging as many of my projects as possible. Come see what I'm making him help me with this week!

My favourite post:

Because it's funny and I LOVE the way my master closet turned out:

About the blog:
I have a passion for interior design and breathing new life into old furniture. Sixty-Fifth Avenue is about renovating and decorating our cozy bungalow with a little family talk thrown in for fun.

My favourite post:

I think my favorite post was our fairy garden. It was hard to just choose one!

About the blog:
Hi, I'm Kelly! In college I began buying, renovating and renting properties and Tearing Up Houses is where I write about those projects. I also post pictures of our English Bulldog posing in a bikini. Because that's important too.

My favourite post:

Before + After Pictures: The Historic House By The Water: Kitchen, Part 1

Come back every day this week to see some more Great Reads!

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