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Crafts with Kids

When I was young, I remember being so excited to help my mom decorate the house for Christmas. I felt like such a big girl, putting ornaments on the tree, placing tinsel icicles (remember those!) on the branches just so. My favourite part was spraying faux snow on the windows. That was always my job.

This Christmas being Chloe's first where she can really experience the season, I was intent on starting to make some holiday memories for her. So we tried to do some crafts. First, we tried to make some pom poms. Big disaster. I tried a simple finger knit pom pom making method, but Chloe wouldn't let me wrap the yarn around her fingers, and when I finally did get a pom pom made she would start to pull out all the individual strings. I threw in the towel and used the rejected pom poms as part of my sideboard decor.

Then we tried to create this pretty paper garland. A 19-month old can operate a hole punch, right? Sure... so long as that 19-month old will sit down longer than the 17.8 seconds that Chloe typically sits. Another failure.

Finally, with the help of Grandma, I found a craft that Chloe would actually like doing. With two big sheets of craft paper and her new paints, the kid went to town. She created these masterpieces.

And I used those masterpieces to wrap gifts for Lisa's lovely children. And I used those hole punched circles for the tags.

And we finally got one holiday craft done, under the tree, and stored in the little one's memory bank. Yay!

Tell me, what holiday traditions do you have with your kids?

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