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The Big Apple

by - Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We're off to New York City for a few days! We're going to do a bit of sightseeing, some home decor shopping, some secret missioning, some birthday celebrating, and hopefully getting to meet Mrs.Limestone for coffee & chat. I love meeting fellow bloggers and she is one of my faves.
Last time I was in New York, I was pregnant (though I didn't know it) and this time I will be child-free (but definitely missing my little Chloe!). It will be the first time we've left her behind. Wish Grandma & Grandpa luck... these days, Chloe is exerting her rights as a toddler by refusing to eat, refusing to sleep, throwing things, and leaving a trail of messiness behind her. At least potty training is going quick and easy so that's a silver lining!

I must admit I will enjoy these few days without the babe. You know, carefree days where we don't have to worry if the restaurant has a high chair, where we schedule our sightseeing around nap time, and tuck ourselves into bed by 8pm. I will enjoy lingering over a romantic dinner with my husband, catching glimpses of who we used to be. And if we feel like it, we'll take long slow walks in the snow, stopping to peek in store windows, sitting on benches and starting conversations with "remember that time when we...". Our little one has a knack for wearing us out these days, so it will be good to inflate the sails again, catch our breath, refresh and renew. What better place to get reinvigorated than the city that never sleeps. New York, here we come!

Photo by Vivian Maier, found here.

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  1. Have a wonderful time recharging. All moms need that!

  2. Oh, I like the sound of that- "secret missioning"...hmmm!

    Hope you all have an absolutely wonderful time!

  3. I hope you have so much fun (and get some well-deserved rest!) I hope to see one of those getaways in my near future!

  4. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Sounds amazing!!!! I'm totally jealous, even though we were just there last May. Enjoy your time together.

  5. have fun!
    its good to read that it's not just MY toddler acting like a little turd. My oldest is going to be two in april and doing the same things as your little chloe. Just not working with mum on the potty training, so you have me beat youngest sleeps through the night at two months old though, so i can't complain there!

    love your blog, just found you

    Project K

  6. Oh my god, sounds heavenly! It's amazing how much your life changes when you have a little one. Those simple pleasures like eating out, doing what you want to do when you want to do it and having adult conversations are so missed. (Not that I would change having a child.) Have an amazing time!

  7. Girlfriend! Whatcha doing wasting your precious Time Blogging, when you should be "partying" with Your MAN?!!

    The Munchkin will be just fine being spoiled by the Granps! Enjoy the High Canadian Dollar!! :-D

  8. Sounds lovely!! If anywhere can make you feel like you have disappeared into another world it is definitely NYC. If you haven't been before and are staying times square area I highly recommend going over a few blocks (to 9th I think) for dinner in the hell's kitchen area (nothing to do with the tv show), but some of the best and most reasonably priced food I've had in NYC. Enjoy.

  9. i adore NYC, have an amazing time!

  10. Have a great time. My daughter and husband were just there before Christmas (it is our tradition to take each child when they finish high school as a little bonding memory-making time). I hope you have a blast.

  11. Have a great time, enjoy grown-up time with hubby. Ps Love your blog

  12. enjoy, enJOY, ENJOY!
    we went last year and I loved NYC in the winter. don't forget Central was beautiful.

  13. Anonymous12:52 PM

    I am so envious that I have turned green. Pea green! But I am also awash in happiness for you and Handyman. Chloe will probably be an angel for the GPs, so don't fret.

    Have a WONDERFUL trip.


  14. Have a spectacular time! Window shopping sounds great, and peeking into the swanky boutique hotels looking at the fine design is also fun...maybe one drink here, another drink there...enjoy!

  15. Thanks for the helpful suggestions! Enjoy your trip! can you not? It's New York!

  16. Hope you have an amazing time!

  17. Anonymous2:47 PM

    My hubby & I went there for our Honeymoon. We were married in early december so we got to see the city deck up for the holidays. We keep talking about going back soon so must admit I am jealous! Have fun!
    Christine b@

  18. Sounds like you have a wonderful time planned Jennifer, have fun!


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