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My Date With Nate

by - Saturday, January 29, 2011

My appearance on the Nate Berkus show is airing THIS MONDAY (Jan.31st!). Oh my.


A quick little recap of our NYC adventure with Nate...

10:00AM - Consult Urbanspoon and decide on delish breakfast at Sarabeth's. Follow it up with a brisk walk to Central Park to burn off some nervous energy.

12:00PM - Bye bye Lucerne Hotel & hello CBS studios!

12:30PM - WHOA, my own green room (that isn't really green)

1:15PM - hair & makeup, and a run-through with the panelled wall mockup. Two minutes after this photo was taken, I almost spilled an entire bottle of carpenter's glue on my shoe!! Yikes!

3:30PM - waiting, waiting, waiting and then it was showtime! Sorry, no photos in studio. You'll have to watch and see how it turned out!

4:15PM - All done and packed up - but stop for one more quick photo with "Nate"... the fake Nate that appeared on the show too :). Bye CBS studios!

9:00AM - up bright and early and head to our favourite store, Fishs Eddy. Stop into Eataly and admire the pretty packaging.

11:00AM - check out ABC Carpet & Home. Love the herringbone floors. Hmm, that wood frame around the wallpaper in the Barbara Barry display has me inspired to do something similar in my own home...

12:00PM - meet up with one of my favourite bloggers, Mrs. Limestone! And yes, she is just as lovely and humble in person as she appears on the blog.

4:00PM - So long New York! We had a fabulous time!!

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  1. Fun! Two of my fav bloggers together too cool!

  2. Awesome! Really looking forward to your Nate appearance! (Can I just say how alarming I find the fake Nate? I'm sure he was perfectly nice but I can't look at him.) Finally, I'll have to check out Fishs Eddy when I go to NYC next!

  3. Ooooo! Cool Cake Stands! Wicked store... How much of it is currently being shipped to your house right NOW?!

    Anyway, I'll be waiting for your big Debut on Monday! :-D

  4. Anonymous7:37 AM

    I'll be watching for you! You must be so excited!

  5. Such a fun weekend! How cool to meet Mrs. Limestone and Nate!Looking forward to the show.

  6. Looked like such a fabulous trip and I can't not even freaking wait for tomorrow- wouldn't miss it for the world!!! xo

  7. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!! I wish I could DVR it!

  8. Looks like you had an amazing trip. Looking forward to watching tomorrow. What's with the "fake Nate??"

  9. I can't wait!! I'm sure you did great!! Looks like you had a great time too!

  10. How many cake stands did you bring home? Too bad you couldn't bring Nate home too!! (The real one....not the fake one)

  11. Phoenix - I think its the stage makeup, lol. Fake Nate did actually look a lot like the real thing on the show.

  12. Aw, hat's fantastic. It's wonderful to see deserving talent be recognized :)

  13. ahh! so fabulous~ what a blast! and i want every cake plate in that pict!


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