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NYC Adventures - Shopping

by - Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The plan was to arrive in New York on the afternoon of the 12th and tape the segment of The Nate Berkus show on the 13th. Then Mother Nature decided to throw us a curveball so I ended up flying out solo a day early and landed in a city covered in 8" of snow. What to do when you're in New York by yourself? Why, shop of course!

I tweeted my fave NYC bloggers for recommendations on design stores to visit and ended up visiting almost all of them! I braved the snow and headed out to Soho where I checked out the prettiness of Purl Soho and the sleek masculinity of Aero. Of course, I popped into theMoMA Store which is across the street from my favourite NYC eatery, Balthazar. I stopped in too at CB2 and Muji and Pearl River Mart, always fun places to browse. And before my feet froze off, I managed to hike out to TriBeCa and get a peek at Moomah (I was missing my Chloe and wanted to see little kiddies about!) and colourful Just Scandinavian.

What did I pick up along my travels? Not too much except...

...this "Paris In A Bag" from Muji (to match the New York in a bag I already have)

...this cute little plate from Fishs Eddy (perfect for pocket change)

...a supercute origami alphabet book from Muji. Each page can be folded into a paper animal. I think I'd like to make them all and display them in Chloe's room in shadowboxes or on shelves. Good thing they had illustrated instructions otherwise I would never have known how to put together this ostrich! He can't quite stand on his own yet so I've rested him on this tiny paper accordian I bought at Pearl River Mart for Chloe.

...and this vintagey tin circus ride from Pearl River. Its for Chloe... but its really for me :)

More on our New York adventures to come!

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  1. So many adorable finds- I love the vintagey tin circus most of sweet. And so looking forward to the shoe- can't wait!!!

  2. Looks like a great time Jennifer!
    Thanks for your guest post today!

  3. SO many great purchases! Sounds like you had a wonderful little afternoon on your own exploring and shopping! Can't wait to hear more!

  4. I love Purl too! got their felt bird ornament template so I can make some yellow ones next year! Don't you find that it's almost impossible to find yellow ornaments?

    Have you checked out Michele Varian as well?

    it's a great store!


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