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Sarah 101: Andrew's Bedroom

On Sarah 101 this week, Sarah and Tommy tackled a large loft space. The loft, in a former baseball-making factory, belonged to a single guy so you would think it be designed as a more masculine space. What they ended up with was something both feminine and masculine which I like... what do you think:

Where to start decorating when you have a room this large? Fabric! And in this case, the bolder, the better. Sarah used Schumacher's ubiquitous Chiang Mai dragon fabric (at $150/yd!) as her jumping off point. I love this fabric but would a guy, a straight guy, love it enough to put it on his headboard? Any guys care to chime in on that? She paired it with leather sides on the bed and added nailhead trim. One interesting detail: she cut out the headboard corners to line up with the window sill. Think of these details - that's how you get a perfect, custom look.

Anyway, from this fabric, the rest of the decor palette fell in place... mustard yellow and teal paint on the walls, antique red carpet, bold yellow lamps, linen & teal draperies, blue stools. The teal was brought in again on the ring pattern fabric on the masculine wing chair. Other details included the personal heirlooms made into art, and the big large scale accessories like the ladder and reworked vintage mirrors.

A few more tips from Sarah:
- work with the style of the space. The loft had a rough, industrial vibe which they echoed in the industrial chic accessories
- with a bold fabric (like on the wing chair), use a contrasting piping to emphasize the shape of the piece and support the "heaviness" of the fabric
- in an open concept space, you can change the paint colour anywhere you have a sharp corner. Its easier to change at an inside corner (where two walls meet) because your painting doesn't have to be super precise
- use a rug to add human scale to a large space
- in a single room, drapes should be all the same fabric but you can change up the application. Here, Sarah mixed roman blinds and drapery panels
- running a rug perpendicular to your bed means you'll have comfy walking space around the perimeter of your bed
- best location for a bed is on the wall you first see when you walk into the room

Lots of good tips this week! I think too the episodes are getting better. We got to see more of that Tommy & Sarah playfulness this week - and Tommy got a bit more input into the design this time around!

** Don't forget to tune into Sarah 101 next week. I think they're featuring Geeta's Dining Room, and as you may know, Geeta found out about the Sarah 101 casting call right here on this ol' blog :)

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