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The Birth of a Blog

by - Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hello friends. Yes, you've come to the right place. This is still Rambling Renovators, though things are looking quite a bit different around here.

It was time to give the blog a makeover. Time for it to grow up and get a bit more polished. I put this blog together myself (shocking, I know) as you could tell by the simple layout and cute but amateurish header and I've made some small tweaks here and there but essentially this blog has looked the same since the day she was born. Almost 4 years and 590 posts later, it was time she started acting her age.

Part of the reason I haven't had my blog redesigned is because I found the task so daunting. I mean, your blog conveys a lot about you, right? It gives a glimpse of your style, what you like, how you think and organize. The old blog never felt quite right but it was just easier to keep it simple than try and figure out what impression I wanted to make. What did I want to say?

I wasn't sure but I thought I'd follow the motto "stick with what you know". This being a house blog, I looked to my house and its transformation over the last four years and this is what I know...

...I like tradition interpreted in a contemporary way. I like details and layers and attention paid to the smallest of things. I like vintage type and objects with character. I like a sense of history and a feeling of welcome. I like order and symmetry and well organized spaces. I like the contrast of black and white. I choose classic over modern, and prefer more rather than less. And I think this new look conveys that.

Just like home though, there are bound to be things I want to change once I lived with them for a while. So forgive me if things don't look quite right because I'm still poking around, tidying things up and putting them back in their place. You'll still see what you came here to see... original content, tales of renos and DIYs, a bit of family life, and inspiration for design. Change is good and it never ends but for now, this blog finally feels like home.


My blog redesign was done the wonderful Lindsay at Lindsay Nicole Design Studio. I've been on the lookout for a blog designer for a long time and once I found her, I knew my search had ended. Blogs like this one and this one which she designed completely charmed me. Her aesthetic is clean and modern yet always personalized. She was able to take my inspiration and translate that into a blog design that felt very me. How cool is that. Not to mention that she made the whole process a simple, easy, and quick one. I'm happy to promote her as my first sponsor and I highly endorse her services. Do check her out if you're considering a blog design of your own! 

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