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Sarah 101: Geeta and Jerry's Dining Room

by - Tuesday, February 01, 2011

A new Sarah 101 episode today, and this time its Geeta and Jerry's dining room! Geeta is a reader of this blog and I'm happy she found out about the Sarah 101 casting call through one of my posts. I was quite excited to see how her space turned out! Let's get to the recap, shall we?

S&T set out this week to create a little jewel out of a boring box. And what a jewel it was, because by the end of the show, the dining room was completely blinged out! Not one surface was left untouched - walls, ceilings, floors all got that special Sarah treatment. Using a set of shield-back chairs (from the Elegant Garage Sale, one of my fave local haunts) as her jumping-off point, Sarah came up with a design that was decidedly more funky but traditional than some of her previous work on Sarah 101. Although the chairs cost Sarah $33 each, after she had them restained, covered with a floral silk on the back and graphic print on the front, the chairs ended up costing $350 each. Quite an investment! Paired with the $3200 antique dining table and the antique sideboard, they looked fabulous and stately.

Much like my own dining room, Sarah installed a bold patterned wallpaper above a chair rail and molding. A fully wallpapered room would have been too overwhelming, don't you agree? I'm not sure I'm too keen though on the multi-coloured paint treatment she gave the panels. I tend to like panelling the same as the trim, in a warm white. I LOVED the wallpaper though... the blue-grey colour picked up on the blue-grey in the floral silk, and the gold scroll details mixed perfectly with the gold toned mirror, understated chandelier and yellow accents. Such a pretty and elegant look.

All in all, this was one well coordinated room. Every detail was thought out and repeated creating a very full and lush design. I imagine that using the room is a delight because you're always finding something new to look at!

Tips from today's show:
- when using wallpaper with a large design, discuss the placement and repetition of pattern with your installer to make sure it looks even on all sides
- rectangle dining tables are the most versatile
- repeat your motifs to create a cohesive look. In this room, Sarah repeated a Greek key design on the painted floor treatment, mirror, and chair fabric. She also repeated the step profile of the crown molding on the wall panelling and chair rail.
- pull a colour from one of your fabrics and use a watered down version for your ceiling paint
- when you have a lot of patterns and fancy elements, balance them with some simpler details

What did you think of the room? There's parts of it I loved, and other parts I thought a little "grannyish", but overall I think its a beautiful dining room for family celebrations.


AND... you're in for a treat. Have you ever wondered what the homeowners really thought after the show? Did they really like the design - or rush to change it once the cameras left?? What were Sarah and Tommy really like?? Come back tomorrow because Geeta and Jerry are sharing the secrets on what it was like to be on Sarah 101!

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  1. I can't wait to hear what everyone thinks :)

  2. I really liked the room!!! In all the makeovers they do though, I can't help but think what the rest of their houses look like. They must only have this one highly designed room and then everything else pales in comparison.

    Anyways, I guess we might find out tomorrow because you have the inside scoop! Can't wait to hear from the couple!

  3. Lol...apparently I can't type my name on this iPad!

  4. One more point to add - I would rather have one highly designed room by Sarah and Tommy than none at all! I love it Geeta!

  5. OMG .. .. this is the first time at Sarah 101 where i can't wait for the show to be over so i can come here and say just how much i love the show!!!

    This room is incredible!! Love everything they have done in this room: chair rails, painted pattern on the floor, the chair makeovers, the wallpaper (OMG... i can't stop thinking about that wallpaper).. the list goes on and on!

    This is by far my favourite episode so far! You're one lucky lady Geeta!

  6. @Shannon, it's totally true that the rest of our house pales in comparison with this room, especially since we gutted and renovated our kitchen (which you could see glimpses of in the show) and our entire basement, which included our family room and a washroom, all which was sone in 2010. So I'm hoping 2011 will allow us to "finish" those rooms and add all the pretty little touches like art, cushions, etc. But this experience definitely gives me incentive to make those rooms as complete as our dining room!

  7. Oh so pretty! I really like the color scheme, especially the pop of raspberry red. Kind of reminds me of something Kate over at Centsational Girl would do. Very French glam. Love those chairs and the mirror.

  8. HGTV in America better buy this series! We can't even watch it online! Lucky ducks. :)

  9. cant wait to see today's episode. i recorded it. love the wallpaper and the dining chairs.

  10. The wallpaper, mirror and chandelier are my favorite. I can't wait to hear what Geeta has to say tomorrow!!

  11. Cool! I really think that dining room is too fancy and granny for my taste, but I do love the concepts.

  12. I can't wait to hear what Geeta has to say. I love the wallpaper and the gorgeous colour palette. I was thinking the same thing, it would be hard to live up to a room like this in the rest of your house!

  13. Anonymous11:46 PM

    I would love to know if the entire room stays for the home owners. A lot of TV shows stage in the art, furniture and styling leaving the home owners with the bones of the room but not all of the pieces. Just curious!

    Enjoyed the episode. I remember that yellow chair fabric from a dining room spread in Style at Home a few months ago. Thought it was fabulous!

    Thanks for the great recap.

  14. what a gorgeous room! I love the large scale wallpaper paired with the 2-fabric chairs - it gives it a modern feel. Not crazy about the paint treatment on the bottom half of the walls or the very traditional artwork that makes it feel a little grannyish (something a bit more modern would have kept it fresh).
    But, hey, if Sarah wanted to do up my dining room like this, I'd definitely accept it with a smile! :)

  15. Oh I'll be back to read the next post as well! I love the wallpaper and the different prints on the chairs...Janell

  16. Sarah's really into pink lately, isn't she? Love that wallpaper. That metallic sheen is gorgeous!

  17. Anonymous11:03 AM

    My faith in Sarah has been renewed. I love most things in the dining room - the colour scheme, the wallpaper, mirror, ceiling, floor design. I am not crazy about the dining table and sideboard. The colour of the wood finish is too light for my taste in antiques. And the art on the wall, although it matches, is not my taste either. But on the whole I was pleased to see more of the traditional Sarah back.

  18. I really like those chairs but think they would work much better in a plainer room. Also the artwork doesn't work for me at all. That being said I am only seeing it from the side view and not the overall picture, since I can't get this show where I live, boo!

  19. Love, love, LOVE the wallpaper! But I agree with you about the lower walls, I would have used just one colour - either the lighter grey or the trim colour. Also love that she painted the ceiling. And the mirror is gorgeous!

    Overall, I really like this room :-)


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