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Sarah 101: Simone's Girls' Rooms

by - Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I admit it, I was getting a little blasé about Sarah 101. I've liked the rooms but nothing has really blown me away or given me that signature Sarah "wow" I was looking for. Not until this week's episode, that is.

Maybe its because I have a little girl of my own, but I just loved loved loved these rooms Sarah created for a trio of little girls. The rooms contain a mix of modern and vintage pieces, layered fabrics, sophisticated colour, and touches of whimsy.

In the nursery, Sarah painted the walls a shade of coral (can you say Honeysuckle?). She kept it from being too sweet by pairing it with bright fire-engine red furnishings and accessories. I especially loved the bold floral curtains trimmed with polka dot fabric. The room had a "collected over time" look, as each piece was unique and not too matchy-matchy. Even her finishes didn't match... natural wood on the chair, white paint on the ottoman, a yellow side table, red crib, and creamy dresser... but they all worked together because she stuck to a palette of reds, creams, and yellows.

In the shared girls bedroom, she went for a cooler palette of blues & greens. This is Sarah's favourite colour combo and she's used it many times before in tween rooms, guest bedrooms, and her own cottage. What makes this room a standout for me are the girly details like the curvy headboard and side tables, the swirly brackets, the pleats on the bedskirts, and the crystal knobs. She tied the two rooms together by using pops of yellow, and the same striped carpet in both rooms.

I loved all the DIY touches too like the painted dresser (it was naked pine originally) and especially the storage platforms she sat the beds on. Such a great idea to use velcro to attach the bedskirt to the front of the platform; its pretty and functional and keeps the baskets beneath accessible.

Tips from today's show:
- inspiration can come from unlikely objects. She used two tea towels from Anthropologie as the jumping off points for each room
- your fabrics and paint don't have to match exactly. Use a toned down paint colour for your walls and ceiling
- use carpet as another design element. Keep it fun and 100% wool for kid's rooms
- use pencil when making markings on walls. Pen will bleed through paint.
- vintage furniture is often inexpensive and durable. Use your savings to splurge on blingy handles or knobs to dress up the piece
- consider placing twin beds end to end instead of side by side or in a bunk bed configuration. This makes the room feel more open and gives each child one half of the room to consider their own.

What did you think? Did you love it as much as I did? Or maybe this room just appeals to the other mommas out there?

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  1. have to say I wasn't as excited about these rooms compared to last week's episode. I think partly has to do with the fact that 30 mins was really way to short for Sarah and Tommy to have a more "in-depth" conversations about these rooms.

    I found the colors of the rooms more muted here than there were on TV. They looked really bright and I wasn't too sure about the Coral. I love coral but don't i would be able to do it on all walls.

    Love those red floral drapes! NEed to know where that floral is from! like the idea of running the stripe fabric on the chair in an unconventional way. That's how I do my pillows too. Again, thought that chair looked very bright on TV, but I like it a lot here looking at your pictures.

    Love those tea towels and totally agree with the idea of turning them into pillows or artwork! I will go check out the store this weekend!

    always love how Sarah max out on usage of space. in this case, what a great idea to join the two beds together! totally make the room a lot more appealing and visually enlarged the room!

    Thanks Jen for the great recap again!

    oh forgot to mention, I also really like the carpet!

  2. I just posted too and loved this episode - my favourite yet!

  3. Gotta say i've been pretty meh about the season so far but this was cute. Sarah is in her element when she does kids rooms. Maybe I'm a sucker for all the girly stuff as I'm planning out my daughter's room. Love your recaps.

  4. Loved this week, can't wait to work on Olivia's big girl room.

  5. I love the pink and red nursery, how precious and hip! What a neat light fixture too. I'm not crazy about the color scheme for the other room but I'm seriously loving the nusery. Good pops of yellow in both of the rooms.

  6. I was pleased to see another episode I loved (I LOVED the Sophisto-Nursery!!!). Great to see some signature Sarah color palettes again, as the soft green & blue double room was my favorite!! What a great idea to turn the beds end to end!! I'll have to keep thar in mind with my small house!

  7. Anonymous7:30 AM

    I watched it last night and I was impressed. She's got a grip on the use of pattern and texture that I can't even grasp. The rooms turned out fantastic and they gave us some creative ideas and tips too.

  8. I thought this one was cute , but last weeks was a bit chaotic to me , and I hated the multi painted wainscot yuck , too much too much , and I think it was too old for that couple , but thats just my opinion ,
    anyway loved the girls rooms but you can't just cover over a register that heats a room , we live in a very cold climate , maybe that house was not in Canada but regardless you really shouldn't do that registers barely move any heat when not obstructed, chilly room I bet.

  9. I tell you what, Sarah is one amazing mixologist.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  10. I didn't get to watch this episode (yet!!) but from the photos, I like what I see! I'm not too sure about the coral wall colour...but I'm not a fan of pink in the first place, unless it's in small doses. Overall, I loved how she mixed and matched colours and fabrics and liked how the overall scheme feels! I will definitely have to watch it when it's online or they show the re-run on Sunday!

  11. Loved the big girls room but not too fond of the nursery. Some elements are cute but the drapes big floral print and wall colours are a little retro for me. I would have lightened it more up with shades of whites.

  12. This one was my favourite room so far! I absolutely love the fact that the rooms were inspired by the tea towels. And the placement of the two beds is brilliant, I would have actually wanted to share a room with my sis if ours looked like this!

  13. Mr. GWH - Sarah is a great mixologist! I think she should introduce a fabric line.

  14. I'm not a mom and these rooms made me super excited to one day decorate my little girls room. :)



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