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Sarah 101: Fresh Laundry

by - Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Its laundry time! This week Sarah and Tommy tackle a typical ho-hum laundry room and transform it a space with some style.

First up, finding a jumping off point. Instead of the usual fabric, Tommy takes the lead by suggesting dimpled rubber flooring. This type of flooring is more commonly used in commercial applications but it meets some specific requirements for this residential space: it will work on a sloped floor and its available in a variety of colours. Sarah chooses a fresh mint to add a feeling of water and sky to this windowless room.

The cost of the must-haves in this room – the washer and dryer, cabinetry, countertops, faucet – could be expensive so watching the budget was a priority in this episode. After choosing some standard white appliances, Sarah and Tommy opt to use a bathroom vanity instead of kitchen cabinetry for the storage cabinets in the laundry room. The vanity is a little bit cheaper than kitchen cabinetry of the same size and also comes pre-assembled.

On the opposite wall, they create more storage and folding space by pairing two storage towers from a big box store with shelves in between. Using vintage corbels to hold up the shelves adds some character and charm. Other vintage details include salvaged doors (from Legacy Vintage in Cobourg – love that place!) fitted into custom cabinets and a charming flea market chandelier. Sarah creates a cohesive look by painting all the cabinets the same sky blue and putting a glaze wash on the custom cabinet.

An inexpensive tile backsplash in a colourful checkerboard pattern adds some fun and whimsy. Sarah highlights the installation by using a crisp white grout. To keep things light and bright, the walls are adorned with yellow paint matching the yellow chandelier and cheery DIY art made out of buttons..

Tips from the show:
- flooring comes in limited colours so choose your floors first then find paint colours to match
- to save on costs, keep your new appliances in the same location as your old ones
- when using salvaged doors, make sure they are not warped, have solid joints, and are square
- yellows are one of the hardest paint colours to get right. Always try out samples on the wall.
- You can create cheap art by framing a collection of objects
- Think multi-use storage for a laundry room – rods, cabinets, shelving
- Think about what your storing and plan your cabinetry accordingly (e.g. narrow cabinets for folded sheets)
- Balance the newness and coldness of appliances with something warmer and worn

So what do you think of the space? I thought it had a certain charm but the look was a bit unfitted and eclectic for my taste. I did like seeing some money-saving tips from Sarah and Tommy – laundry rooms can be expensive!


Do you realize next week is the last episode of Sarah 101? Thanks for ALL your great comments over the season!

Tune back next Tuesday... I have a great Sarah & Tommy giveaway to announce ;)

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