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Sarah 101: Lisa's Kitchen Reimagined

by - Tuesday, March 01, 2011

This week on Sarah 101, Sarah tackled a dark and dreary kitchen and transformed it into a light and fresh space. Like Tommy said, it really was a testament to the power of paint.

The original kitchen cabinets were 40 years old but made of solid pine. Deciding to keep but update the cabinets was key to keeping this makeover within the $10,000 budget. Minor changes to the layout, like moving the fridge and the location of the sink on the island, modernized the space and made it more efficient.

Using the colourful glass tile as a jumping off point, Sarah infused the space with a bright retro vibe. The cheery robin’s egg, taupe and blue palette was repeated throughout – on the tiled checkerboard floor, the crockery, and the DIY message board made out of a mirror frame, foam core, and fabric. Period details like the pendant light and industrial stools at the pull-up island added to the kitchen diner feel.

I thought the finished kitchen really was quite charming and was a great example of a budget makeover. It reminded me of the farmhouse kitchen in Sarah’s House 3:
The beadboard, newel post leg, and painted island are tricks she used there too. I really love this country style of kitchen. It’s relaxed, casual, and a great place for gathering.

Tips from the show:

  • Make the most of what you have. Salvaging cabinets and using existing lighting locations can save you lots of money.
  • Put most of your appliance budget towards the range. Cooking great food is the priority and all the other appliances are just support!
  • Be aware of sightlines. Sarah covered up an unsightly view to the laundry room by using laminated plexiglass
  • Use pre-made stair treads as decorative shelves
  • Use 1/3 tone of one of your room colours on your ceiling
  • The style of your kitchen should fit the style of your house


SPOILER ALERT:  And guess what… that newel post leg detail makes its appearance once more… in the kitchen of the new Sarah’s House 4, which is airing on HGTV Canada this fall. Click here for a sneak peek at the house which is currently listed for sale.

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