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A Trip to Tonic Living

by - Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm slowly starting to gather the pieces that will finish the living room. Armchairs, storage pieces, a rug and draperies are some of the things on my shopping list. Since the dining room and living room are open to each other, I've also got to be sure that the furnishings in both rooms work together too.

The most difficult element to tie in is the bold wallpaper in the dining room. When we picked the wallpaper four years ago, we chose it purely on looks. I loved the large floral pattern; it fit with the breezy feel I wanted and worked with the plantation shutters and white wainscotting. One thing I did not really give much thought to: how I would carry the colour palette into the adjoining living room. Now, the living room not only has to tie in the yellow and brown tones of the dining room, but also the grey from the hallway. How to do that? Fabric.

I made a trip out to one of my favourite sources for fabric, Tonic Living. You may know Tonic Living from their online store but they've recently opened up a warehouse location that local folks can visit in person!! I've experienced great service from Tonic Living in the past (they did my fabulous custom draperies for my master bedroom) so was eager to see what I could use for this next project. Here's Janine, the lovely lady behind the brand:

And here's some fabric eye candy in her warehouse:

Oh, if only I had more rooms to decorate - there was so many great patterns I loved! But I was on a mission, looking for fabrics in colours of yellow, taupe, cream, and grey. Here's a few I took samples of:

You'll have to wait and see what I ended up using for the living room ;) In the meantime, you can visit the warehouse yourself:

Tonic Living
36 Northine Rd. #6
Toronto, ON M4B 3E2
Open Monday to Friday, 9:30am-4:30pm

Or shop from home at And, Tonic Living has kindly extended a discount to my readers. Enjoy a 10% discount off any order (no minimum) by entering the coupon code RAMBLING. Happy shopping!

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