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Modern Art

by - Monday, April 25, 2011

Did you all have a good weekend? Hope yours was filled with celebration, smiling faces, and chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

Its about time I updated you on the living room, right? No surprise, its not quite done yet. We're still waiting on fireplace tile. And when we reassembled the hutch, one of the glass panes broke. Bummer - but we've got some creative ideas on how to fix it. How about I just show you one thing that is finished?

Here's the dresser all pretty and painted. Its Schoolhouse Slate paint by Martha Stewart and I'm so happy with the colour. It looks a little light in these photos, but its actually a great mid-tone bluey-greeny-grey. I decided to keep the original hardware (for now), though Michael had a great suggestion on Facebook to go with a more "modern country" look. Hmmm.

We needed a piece of art to put over the dresser, at least temporarily, before Chloe's party. I really wanted something modern to provide some tension against the vintage dresser. So taking this blog as inspiration...
{photo from Amber Interiors}

...and this favourite vacation photo...

...we did this. HandyMan printed the photo at work (shh, Rebecca!) and put it in an Ikea Ribba frame. It was a great temporary fix but really we should put the print on some mat board to prevent the wrinkles you see. I've put some milk glass pieces and a little vase of flowers on the dresser, but I'm no stylist and have no idea what to put there. I've run out of pretty books and with the wee one around, I tend to keep accessories at a minimum. Suggestions?

 More living room to come...

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