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Sarah, Mike, and the birds

by - Monday, May 09, 2011

Hello everyone & Happy Monday! Hope you had a glorious weekend, especially you mommies out there. I hope you were pampered and spoiled and treated like a queen. My weekend was great and filled with antique shopping at Aberfoyle and Queen West Antiques, yummy brunch at Le Select, and lots of time playing out in the sunshine.

Wish I could sit and relax from all the fun, but I can't because this morning this landed on my doorstep...

...filled with these goodies...

It was a package from LePage Products, makers of those fab adhesive, patching, and glue products found in every DIYer's garage. To celebrate Habitat for Humanity Canada's milestone 2000th Canadian home being built, LePage is having a cool little contest - and we were selected as one of only eleven bloggers and interior designers nationwide to participate! How awesome and flattering is that? Even more awesome (and scary) when you realize the other participants include none other than this talented twosome: 


Sarah Richardson and Mike Holmes? Are you kidding?? Yikes!!! 

So here is the deal: HandyMan and I put the birdhouse together with LePage products (no hammer or nails required!) and then using paint and our creative juices, decorate the birdhouse "in a way that best represents us and our city"

And here is a where I need your help. I have a few ideas buzzing in my head, but I need more...what design elements say "Toronto"? Even if you've never been here, you've probably got a sense of our city's style via Toronto-based shows Design Inc., Sarah's House, Holmes Inspection, Property Virgins, Income Property, Divine Design and Pure Design. Did you realize Toronto was such a hotbed of design talent? All this to say... help! Send me your inspiration and ideas!

We only have until May 20th to get this {bird}house in order, then it gets photographed and shipped back to LePage. All the photos will then be posted on the LePage Facebook page where you will get a chance to "Like" it. And in the very highly unlikely case that we upset the reigning Queen and King of HGTV, what do we win? A $30,000 donation from Henkel in our name to Habitat for Humanity Canada, plus an additional $500 cash donation from Henkel to donate to our local Habitat for Humanity branch or charity of our choice! Sweet! This competition is definitely not for the birds!

So let me know in the comments what you think the ultimate Toronto birdhouse should look like, or send me inspiration images and I'll include them in my pinterest folder.  Wish us luck! We'll need it ;)

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  1. Fabulous idea! Can't wait to see what you come up with! Toronto is so diverse, it would be neat to represent that somehow.


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