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Happy Father's Day

by - Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day to my Dad! You were the one who always pushed me out the door, encouraged me to explore the world, to have fun!, to be active and involved, to believe I could do anything. And now as Chloe's Lolo, it fills my heart to see you teaching her those same lessons. She knows that her Lolo will always be there to take her to the park and let her climb the chain link ladder and let her slide down the big slide... if there is one thing you are wonderful at, it is giving your family confidence in themselves (even 2 year olds!). You show us every day that family is the most important thing in the world to you. How lucky we are to have you!

And Happy Father's Day to my husband! Chloe is so very very lucky to have you as her dad - there is nothing you wouldn't do for her {and I love you for that}. You are funny and goofy and loving and affectionate, everything our daughter needs in a dad. Chloe saves her biggest deepest belly laughs for you! You give Chloe space to try things, following her lead - but are always there to catch her if she falls. Chloe is very much her father's daughter, being friendly and funny and charming those around her. We love you!

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