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Odds and Ends

by - Thursday, June 02, 2011

I'm over at Emily A. Clark's blog today kicking off her Now...and Then series. Welcome, visitors! If you'd like to see more of that transformed bedroom, check out this post. You can see more of the rest of my house here.

Emily's series is about showing how your style has evolved. I'm excited to be a part of it and really interested to see the rest of the series - its fun to see how the tastes and abilities of your favourite bloggers has changed! Head over to Emily's to check out the fun... (and see how shoddy my photos looked before I realized they'd be posted on a blog, ha!)


The Prime Minister of Canada reads my blog. Well, okay, someone from his staff does. I had written this old post about the fact that Chloe will someday attend the elementary school that Prime Minister Harper attended. Steve, who had a very official-sounding email address ending in "", recently chimed in and felt it important to clarify that the Prime Minister went on to middle school in Etobicoke, not Calgary. Apparently, getting that kind of info right is very very important to the Prime Minister. I appreciate the attention to detail - but not sure how I feel knowing that my blog is being watched. Haha!


You know who else reads my blog? The folks at Disqus. I had written about the problems some of you were having with the Disqus comment system I have installed on the blog. Tyler left a comment explaining how Disqus works and gave some additional tips you can try if you find the page is loading slowly. Very helpful! 


I dislike posts without pictures so I'll leave you with this one. Chloe is spending more and more time enjoying the window seat we built for her. And that makes all the effort of putting her room together worth it :)

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