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Thursday Thrift

by - Wednesday, June 15, 2011

You've probably seen this type of project on many other blogs but here's my take on it. Its a cakestand made using a plate and candlestick holder from the thrift shop.

I wanted to be a bit more decorative with mine so I found two plates with floral appliques and little cutouts. I taped over the holes so that when I turned over the plates to paint them, paint wouldn't get on the surface area and I could still use them to serve food.

I picked a pink gloss paint that would work on both ceramic (the plates) and glass (the candlestick holders). After painting the candlestick holder and just the underside of the plate, I used a two-part epoxy to glue them together.

Then I picked up the dried cakestands... and promptly hit one of them against our granite countertop, causing the glass base to shatter :( Guess I'll just have to go thrifting again and find another candlestick holder :)

And here's the cakestand in action, holding a lonely butter tart.

Don't worry, I put the butter tart out of its misery right after I took this photo :)

Have you made one of these thrifted cakestands? If I had the room to store them, I'd make lots more of all different sizes. You could even use teacup plates to make individual cupcake plates.

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