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Old and New... Hi Sugarplum!

by - Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I've asked some wonderful bloggers to post about their favourite Old & New things - the old things which infuse their homes with history, meaning, or a sense of family and the new things which make their home feel fresh and modern.

Up first is the sweet and sassy Cassie of Hi Sugarplum! You won't find a home more fun and fresh than hers - check out her feature in her local newspaper to see some of her latest colourful transformations - but there are hidden old treasures in her home too. Take it away Cassie!

Hi ya'll! I'm Cassie from Hi Sugarplum!, and I'm visiting today from way down South. I know Jen thinks it's hot in Toronto, but you don't know hot (& humid, blech) until you've spent an August in Texas. It makes for some sweet hairdos, if you're going for limp and frizzy. I'm thrilled to be guest posting, as Rambling Renovators was one of my first blog crushes.

My house is full of sentimental treasures, as I was lucky enough to inherit many things from my grandparents. And fortunately, they had exquisite taste! I couldn't narrow it down to just one, so I'll share a few, and each for different reasons.

First up is this gorgeous secretary. I remember playing with the little door and drawers when I was little, and feeling so fancy as I pretended to work at the desk. It's even more sentimental since it was a wedding gift to my grandparents 60 years ago! I've got plans for it that include gold leaf!

Picnik collage

The next item I adore because of it's total uniqueness...a camel saddle! My great-grandfather was a Colonel in the Army, and worked in Afghanistan in the late 1950s supervising the building of their roads. They were so grateful, they gifted him with this beautiful camel saddle when he left several years later. It even has his monogram etched in brass. Just too cool!

Picnik collage
Note to self: polish brass!
But lastly, anyone who ever adored their grandfather as much as I did mine (he called me 'Sugarplum,' hence my blog name!), gets choked up at the most random reminders. For me, it's seeing the hat he wore almost everyday perched on the corner of my son's bed.

Picnik collage

Enough of the hard and heavy! Let's get to the newest love in my Daughter's Room. It took me 9 months (but less than $600!) to complete, but everytime I see it I get positively giddy!

the room

She's pretty thrilled too!

Check out all the DIY projects that made this room possible, as well as my plans for the next victim room at Hi Sugarplum! Hope you're having a fabulous vacation, Jen!


How gorgeous are those antique treasures from your grandparents Cassie! Such great stories behind each piece too. And $600 for that incredibly stylish and fun room is crazy! I can't wait for the next "new" space in your home! Thanks for sharing.


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  1. You have some lovely pieces Cassie!!! I've never even heard of a camel saddle before, but it's so neat! And what a great story behind it too!! Your daughters room is just too fab!


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