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Back At Home

by - Saturday, August 06, 2011

Hello friends! We're back from our vacation in Vancouver. It's good to be home but, boy, am I missing that fresh ocean air, the endless beaches, and all the good hair days I was having out West.

A big, huge hug & kiss to all the guest bloggers who held down the fort while I was gone. Cassie, Vanessa, Catherine, Nancy, Stephanie, Megan and Shannon - thanks for your awesome posts! I hope you readers enjoyed a look at the Old & New in these fabulous bloggers' homes. I had such a relaxing vacation because I knew the blog was in good hands!


While we were gone, the second issue of House of Fifty hit the virtual newsstands. I'm so honoured that Emily A. Clark included a photo of our home office in her article on short drapery.

There are lots of online design magazines on the market now but I think House of Fifty is definitely one to watch. Each issue keeps getting better and better! Janell has rounded up a great group of fabulous contributors (including some of my favourite bloggers like Mrs. Limestone and Christine) so do check it out if you haven't already!


HandyMan and I are changing our names. You can just call us Chloe's Dad and Chloe's Mom. Would you believe that our little munchkin was recognized not once but twice while on vacation? Blog readers always seem to recognize Chloe first. We've run into blog readers before here in Toronto but it was fun to meet some thousands of miles from home! So hello to Michelle and her cute kidlets (from Toronto!) who we met at the aquarium, and to the pretty lady (whose name I forgot to ask. Darn!) who we met strolling through Yaletown. It was so great to meet you :) By the way, anyone have the name of a good kiddo talent agent?? Kidding!!


I still have to sift through the 500+ photos I took on our trip but here are two favourites. More about the vacation to come!

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