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The Basement: Inspiration

by - Monday, August 22, 2011

When I need to fall asleep, instead of counting virtual sheep, I dream of virtual walk-throughs of my new rooms. What - doesn't every design-obsessed person do that? {Or maybe that's just me} Poring over the little details really helps relax my mind and sometimes even brings flashes of brilliance and ideas I need to put in the design.

Lately, I've been dreaming about what I want the new basement to feel like. Open, light, cottegey, white, nautical, Scandinavian... yes, please. A few images of inspiration...

Photo from House & Home, photographer Michael Graydon

... this basement by Meg Crossley, senior editor of House & Home is a standout. With its light and airy look, you would never guess its a basement. I love the white walls and dark floor, and the built-in storage. Check out this online video if you want to see the entire space - the robin's egg blue laundry room is adorable too!

Storage will be a huge part of our basement plan... storage for toys, crafts, TV accessories, laundry gear, pantry. Not an inch of space is wasted in this photo. Who wouldn't love a sewing space in their laundry room?

We'll definitely be having a long, comfy banquette in the basement. This one is fabulous - I only wish we had that much natural light in our basement! Again, the white walls, the trim, and the dark floors are just the look I'm coveting.

via The Lettered Cottage

This room has the warm combination of white walls and rustic, organic elements that I want to bring into our basement. I would love to have an antique harvest table for crafting though space may be an issue. The dings and scratches of old wooden pieces seem just perfect for a room that will serve as playroom and craft room and house lots of kid chaos.

Oh, beadboard ceiling & nautical lighting fixtures, you are dreamy. I love the crispness of the beadboard ceiling... our basement ceilings are too low to do this, only just over 7' high, but I am definitely putting beadboard somewhere, mark my words. Storage under the banquette seats is a smart idea too.

So many great ideas, so little space to implement them. What about you... what does your dream basement look like? Is it a colourful, funky family space? Or maybe a dark and moody room perfect for movie watching and hanging out?

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