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Old and New... Honey We're Home

by - Wednesday, August 03, 2011

I've asked some wonderful bloggers to post about their favourite Old & New things - the old things which infuse their homes with history, meaning, or a sense of family, and the new things which make their home feel fresh and modern.
Joining us today is the always stylish Megan from Honey We're Home. Her gorgeous home and adorable son James keep this mom & blogger busy. I envy her ability to keep her home always sparkling and organized. Take it away Megan...


We moved into our new home only one year ago and we left most of our "old" stuff behind so that we could start fresh.  One thing that came with us, though, was our wedding china- a pattern by Ralph Lauren.  When we registered for our wedding, I was on the fence about registering for china, wondering how often we'd really use it.  And it's true, we don't use it all that often, but when we do, I love it!  We hosted a Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner at our house last year and set the table with it.  I love that it is something that we first received as a married couple!  And I still adore the simple silver pattern.

My favorite new thing in our home is the chandelier in my closet!  I ordered it at Lighting Inc. and it's called the Lucia chandelier.  I love the glamour it adds to the room! 

Thanks for having me Jennifer!  

Such classic and timeless china Megan! I'm sure it will be even more well used and cherished over the years to come. I have to agree about that chandelier - its my favourite new thing in your incredibly beautiful home!


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  1. Megan's home is so lovely! That closet is just amazing!


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