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Antique Finds

by - Monday, September 12, 2011

Armed with our shopping list and kid-free, HandyMan and I headed out to the Christie Antique Show bright and early on Saturday. This is the biggest antique show in Canada and it never ever disappoints. You can see some of the fun things I've picked up at past shows here, here, and here. The day was promising... we made our first purchase within five minutes of stepping through the gate and returned to the car to offload our first purchases within half an hour.

Before I show you what I picked up, here's a few things that caught my eye. {If you follow me on twitter you would have seen sneak peeks of these before I got too wrapped up in shopping and stopped tweeting ;) }

... enamelled numbers and old weathered signs...

...a large chest of drawers. I dream of having one of these to store Chloe's artwork and my fabric stash!

... team and school photographs. I'd love to add more to my collection but I already have two sitting around that I have yet to hang up! 

... unique decorative objects...

...and strange, creepy objects...

...lovely sconces and mirrors... of my favourite booths. They always style it so well with a tailored black & white look.

... and two tables that were under serious contention for a crafting/sewing table in our future basement. The green one was sturdy and constructed well. They had refinished the original top quite nicely and the drawer had the original hardware and glided smoothly. We decided against it when HandyMan pointed out that because of the short overhang and rails on the sides you couldn't put any chairs on the ends. On to the yellow one with the curvy legs and worn finish. It was so pretty but was missing a drawer and the top sagged a bit. Oh well. The hunt continues.

So here's what made the cut and ended up coming home with us:

Lots of black and white signage going on! I didn't realize there was a theme until I styled this photo, lol.  These are our "some day" purchases. HandyMan picked out the pears sign. No we don't have a pear tree and no, we didn't need it, but sometimes when you like something, you just have to get it! Some day, we'll hang that pears sign in the finished basement. It has two holes on the top and is meant to hang from the ceiling.

The #26 metal sign signifies our anniversary date. Some day, I'll switch out the photos in the office and make a gallery wall of significant dates. I'm kicking myself in the pants for not also buying the brass cow tag I saw with #14 (Chloe's birthday). 

These fun advertisements will some day hang in the finished laundry room. Kinda kitschy but I like it.

These old worn tennis rackets had a great look I couldn't resist. I'll be putting them alongside my tarnished trophy and 1920's sports team photograph for a fun little vignette. 

And I just had to have these 1950's boy scout Canadian provincial shields (which are missing about three provinces and two territories). HandyMan could not understand the allure but I found them to be very nautical, very camping-esque in feel. If I had a little boy, you could bet these would be put up in their room lickety split! Don't you think they're perfect for a boys room? But I have a girl, so I'll wait and some day put them in her all-white playroom. {Yep, we have a pretty big pile of some day projects waiting around our house!}

But being in the mood for some instant gratification, we tried out some temporary spots for the pears sign...

Where do you like it... over the doorway or over the sink?

The Christie show is such fun - you never know what you're going to go home with! Check out Pam's post and Christine's twitter feed to see what other bloggers came home with. I love how we all found things true to our individual styles!

And if that still doesn't fill your antiquing itch, maybe you should come out and shop with me... the Aberfoyle fall show is on September 24!

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