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Christie Antique Fair

by - Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Its that time again all you fellow vintage-hunters. The fall Christie Antiques Show is on this Saturday, September 10th. I honestly feel this is the best antique show of the year so clear your calendar for this one! We'll be heading out bright and early and hope to come back with a harvest table for the crafting area in the basement. At the spring show, we found the.perfect.table and made the mistake of leaving for 10 minutes to go see if it would fit in our car. Of course, by the time we came back the table was gone! Lesson learned: buy it or put a deposit down at least, people!

So what am I hoping to find? Some things to create interesting vignettes...

Unique vessels and things to collect..

Containers, storage, boxes, and bins...

An old chair, a tarnished lamp, things with texture and character...
Source: None via Jen @ Rambling on Pinterest

How about you? If you're new to antiquing and not quite sure what to buy, check out these vintage finds from the eagle-eyed and always stylish Tommy Smythe as featured on Foundstyle blog.This new blog is written by a trio of savvy women, two are stylists and one is an interior designer. Aside from the blog, they run an online shop, Found. I poked around and found it has a well-curated inventory of mostly vintage things and gives you a good idea of what unique found pieces you can incorporate in your own modern home.

Happy shopping!

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