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Simple Style

by - Monday, September 26, 2011

I've encountered a few situations recently which helped me realize a lot about what makes a room comfortable. I spend so much time thinking about how to fill a room, how to style it just so , how to shape it to fit every function, that I rarely give time to the thought that maybe I don't need those things. Maybe I could be happy with less? Can simple be just as stylish?

HandyMan and I recently helped a relative move on to the next chapter in his life, a life with a new home and new routines. But new doesn't need to mean unfamiliar or cold so we spent a few quick hours putting the room together and filling it with those meaningful things that change a room into a home...

A welcoming spot to lay your head...

Places to store belongings and display memories and treasures...

Organized storage & pops of your favourite colour...

Areas for working...

...and a place to relax.

I'll admit I was surprised at how homey we were able to make the room feel with a small budget and using only a few furnishings and elements. But the design principles that are true for bigger spaces worked here too: 
- Start with a visually pleasing and functional layout. Create a focal point. In this case, its the red bed and the throw really draws your eye.
- Use patterns and textures to warm things up. The rattan armchair, sisal rug, and throw work together to create a cozy corner
- Bring on the pretty! Mix books and art on your bookcases. Keep your office supplies in fun containers. Invest in wooden hangers which are not only kinder to your clothes, but make it easier to keep your wardrobe organized and put a smile on your face whenever you open the closet door.

In the end, our relative said the space felt like home. And whether you spend $10 or $10,000, isn't that the same feeling we're all looking for?

Do you decorate on a budget? Or do you prefer to fill your rooms with the things you love, no matter the cost?

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