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Cork Board Makeover

A little while ago, the folks at 3M sent me some samples of their ScotchBlue Painter's Tape with new Edge-Lock Paint Line Protector technology. I was eager to try it out - I'd love to find a painter's tape that doesn't seep and gives clean, crisp lines and that's what this one promised. 

I knew just what I wanted to fix up. I've had this cork board in the office that could use a bit of sprucing up and I thought I'd add some painted stripes, maybe even doing an ombre technique. But since I'm a bit, um, particular, I couldn't just wing it - no, I had to make a few mockups in photoshop first, lol!


And I found that the ombre was a bit much for me so simple white stripes it was. I wanted fat stripes so I used the 2" and 1" ScotchBlue tapes to make 3" diagonal stripes.

The stripes came out really crisp! There was a small bit of seepage though where the cork met the metal frame but it was due to my application and not the tape - the metal frame wasn't flush with the cork and I don't think I had the tape pushed down tight enough into the gap. You shouldn't have this problem though when using the tape on a flat wall surface. I'll definitely use these ScotchBlue Edge-Lock tapes again.

I wasn't loving the metal frame so I covered it up with some gingham tape I had. Then I piled on my inspiration keepsakes... some photos, paint chips, fabric swatches, a Paris photo by Mrs. Limestone that I was given years ago, HandyMan's sketch for a new walkway, and some mini-bunting I made of washi tape for good measure.

Now the story could have ended here... but I was bothered by the gingham tape. It just wasn't doing it for me, it seemed unfinished, and the gingham pattern had some imperfections. See, I told you I was particular! So I bought some trim at Home Depot and cut it down to size (my first time using the chop saw without HandyMan around!)

HandyMan glued and clamped and painted the trim for me. He's the best :) And now the cork board is looking just how I want it.

I paired it with a trophy I had bought from The Arthur a few months ago which I used as a cute holder for the cute pencils I gave to HandyMan last Valentine's day. The pencils have little sayings - Milk & Cookies, Meat & Potatoes, Me & You... which is perfect because projects like this cork board always turn out better when HandyMan and I do it together.

Ok, that's it. No more tweaking to the home office. Good thing because the photo shoot is today!!

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