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Pinspirations! Vol.5

by - Sunday, November 06, 2011

Now that Hallowe'en has come and gone, are you as fixated on Christmas as I am? My Pinterest is getting stuffed full of ideas I want to make, bake, and gift. Here's the latest Pinspirations! from my favourite Pinners, Boards, and Pins.

Pinner: Kara's Party Ideas
With a name like that, you know this blogger is going to have some great pins. Don't just look at her stellar Christmas board for holiday ideas though. Lots of good inspiration in her Cake Ideas board (what about doing a cake ball cake in Christmas colours?) and Party Ideas board too.

Board: Happy New Year from Natalie The Busy Budgeting Mama
I've written about Natalie and her blog before. She throws the BEST parties for her little ones so no surprise that she would have gathered some great ideas for a sparkly shiny new years eve.

Pin: Embroidery Cake

How cute is this cake? It would take a lot of patience but designs like this would look so adorable on your holiday baked goods... embroidered snowflakes on top of cupcakes, a pair of Scandinavian mitten patterns on a cake, poinsetta sugar cookies. Almost too pretty to eat.

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