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Sarah's House 4: Curb Appeal & The Agent Review

by - Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Its the last episode of Sarah's House 4! Can you believe it? This 13 episode season just whizzed by.

In this final episode, Sarah puts the finishing touches on the front landscaping. Unfortunately, I have no exterior photos to show you so you'll just have to imagine the beige brick exterior (which Sarah thought would be grey in the first episode) and the giant 7 ton Norway Spruce tree Sarah puts in the front yard to add "been here all along" appeal.

Sarah invites three real estate agents to assess the changes and they tell us what they really think of the house:

ü  Marble flooring in the entry sets the tone for this elegant home
û  Living room is not a child friendly space
ü  Every upgrade spent in the kitchen was worth it. Money very well spent
ü  Use of hardwood throughout reinforces the open concept layout

û  Family room isn't cozy enough
ü  Beautiful flow throughout the house. Every room has own character.
û  Very bold dining room for the suburbs. It’s a statement but not sure it’s the right statement you want in this home

û  Bold wallpaper in powder room
ü  Romantic master bedroom with interesting colour scheme
ü  Upgrading the lighting in the ensuite adds a feeling of luxury

ü  Nook in girls room is great for homework
ü  Boys room has an edge to the design
ü  Money was put into the bathrooms and it shows

û  Craft room instead of a 4th bedroom is a gamble. Many families in the suburbs have 3 or 4 kids and need 4th bedroom
ü  Family friendly rec room that doesn’t look like a basement
ü  Walkout upgrade well worth it

So what's the final verdict? List price of the house was $730,000 + upgrades of $111,170 + decor of $45,550 means that the agents need to recommend a price of at least $886,720 to break even. Looks like the upgrade dollars were well spent because the recommended price on Sarah's House is in the $949K-$959K range (and after a bit of digging, I found out the actual list price was $1,050,000).

So chime in folks... what did you think of the house overall? Would you pay $1M+ for it?

All photographs by Stacey Brandford.

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  1. dpirraglia12:53 PM

    You can actually see the brochure the Realtor used at

    What is interesting is that the picture they use of the outside of the house is not what the house actually looks like. My parents live in G-town and my mom went to take a look (at the outside), and it has the greyish pink brick that was shown in the show. Not sure why they decided to use a different pic of the outside of the house. They must have wanted it to look lush versus the gross winter outdoors. But they could have at least tried to get a house with a similar looking brick.

    Another blogger took some pics of the outside of the home while it was still in progress: House prices have definitely increased substantially in the area. My parents bought their 3 bedroom detached starter house for around 160K in 1990 and it's now worth in the 300s. Gtown is a fairly affluent area. It's close to a lot of major stores/places, but it's got that country-ish feel to is (you have to drive past a bunch of fields on your way into the town).


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