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A Stamping Fool

by - Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It started innocently enough. I wanted to make a DIY advent calendar. So I went to Creative Bag (aka "packaging heaven") and purchased some cotton bags. I knew I wanted to stamp them so I bought a Martha Stewart stamping kit. And then I went all crazy and stamped everything in sight.

I made monogrammed bags for gifts for my girlfriends' kids (didn't you love things with your name on it when you were young?)...

I made monogrammed bags for gifts for Chloe's daycare teachers (heck, even adults love things with their name on it)...

and I made those Advent bags. You'll notice that not all the fonts are the same on the bags. I didn't check to make sure the longest word would fit with the larger font I had started with. Oh well. Just like the ink smudges, its part of the stamping charm ;)

And now with all that stamping, my fingers are stained and my eyes are buggy but I'm left with a pile of stamped package pretties.

Now all I have to do is finish finding what goes inside all those pretty bags!

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