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At The Christmas Market

On the weekend, we bundled ourselves up and ventured out into the cold to enjoy the Toronto Christmas Market. This may be my favourite holiday tradition yet. Set up like a historic European Christmas market, the event features stalls selling handcrafted goods, specialty beer and mulled wine gardens, a ferris wheel, beautiful light displays, and a giant Christmas tree.


If that wasn't enough, the market is set in The Distillery District, a 13-acre property in the heart of downtown Toronto that features original cobblestone streets and the largest collection of Victorian era industrial buildings in North America. Walking around the site you feel as though you've literally stepped back in time.

It was fun to see the market through Chloe's eyes - even if she was a grumpy gus and didn't smile for any of the photos. But everything was a novelty for her - it was cute to hear her ooh and aah over the reindeer and the twinkling lights.

See... grumpy gus

The market really came to life once the sun set. I loved weaving in and out of the crowded streets, stopping for a tipple of free beer here, a bowl of gravy drenched poutine there. It made for a perfectly Canadian Christmas experience.

Even though the night was frigid, we didn't want to leave. I couldn't help but think we were creating holiday memories right then and there. Chloe is finally at an age where she can understand the pomp and celebration and tuck those memories of lights and sounds and tastes away in her young mind. She saw the magic of Christmas in the skies that night.

I can't wait for next year. The Christmas Market runs until Dec.18th. Its worth a visit if you get a chance!

Do you have any outdoor family holiday traditions? Do you go and chop down your own tree? Or drive around the neighbourhood to see all the light displays?

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