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Holiday Decor 2011

by - Wednesday, December 14, 2011

There’s only ten bags left hanging on the Advent calendar which means Christmas is right around the corner. Good thing I’ve finally put up the finishing touches of our décor. Want to have a look around?

I’ve kept things very simple in the dining room. Just a tall vase filled with red branches, a bough of cedar, and these styrofoam snowballs from the dollar. Oh and silver Santa too. I bought him about fifteen years ago from Pottery Barn when I was on a temporary work assignment in Texas. He is my most favourite piece of holiday décor.

On the sideboard, I’ve assembled a mish-mash of things. I never really know how to decorate this area (and it shows). A couple of urns were filled with extra ornaments and pinecones. There’s the scrapbox I used in my One of a Kind Show demonstration, and the few Christmas cards we’ve received so far. I’ve had more friends send me digital cards this year… I dunno, I still like the paper variety.

In the hallway, I’ve strung up our stockings on the stairs. I paired them with all sorts of extra ornaments and garlands and bows. That’s sort of how I decorate for the holidays… my favourite ornaments make it onto the tree and everything else gets scattered about.

These tall sparkly trees sit on the radiator in the front hall. I love how the tree is reflected in the fireplace. Such a pretty view to come home to.

And into the living room. I usually create a vignette on the sideboard. Last year’s display was a bit glam, and the previous one was traditional. This year, I wanted something white and light and sort of casual. 

Simple vases filled with lights and snowballs, faux flickering candles from the dollar store, owls and deers and frosted trees… it’s a winter wonderland.


Then there’s the tree. We’ve had to move the furniture around and things sure feel cozy but I love how the tree is huge and fills up that corner of the room.

The tree lights bounce around the room, in the glass of the hutch, in the mirror over the sofa… the more twinkling lights the better, I say.

I think I love my home best during the holidays, when its decorated and soft and pretty. All I need now is snow gently falling outside, the fireplace on, and a cup of hot chocolate. Ahhh.

Are you ready for the holidays?

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  1. I love your living room, and the stockings on the stairs are fabulous!


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