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Here, There, and On The Air!

by - Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thank goodness for a three day weekend! We've spent the last few days packing up and clearing out to get ready for our basement reno. It's chaos around these parts. Toy bins are in the dining room, 40 rolls of toilet paper are in my closet, the play kitchen is in the office, and there's a tent in Chloe's bedroom. Definitely not picture-worthy.

Luckily, you can see our home in a more pristine state on Tuesday's CityLine! Its Style At Home day on the show and they'll be featuring a tour of our living room and dining room by Erin McLaughlin, Editor of Style At Home magazine. Yay! And guess what else they're featuring?

Me. On TV. Woot!! I've been watching CityLine since the early 1990's so this experience was pretty darn awesome :) You'll have to tune in to the show on Tuesday, February 21st 9am EST (they have a live stream here) to see me doing a "little" DIY alongside the impossibly tall and gorgeous Tracy Moore. Please be kind and tell me you didn't notice me struggling to open that bucket of spackling compound. Ugh. I'm such a novice!


In other news, Apartment Therapy featured our costume closet on Friday. If you found your way over here from there, welcome! You can find more details about how we made the closet here and here.

Have a great week everyone!

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