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Announcing...BlogPodium, The Business of Blogging

by - Wednesday, March 07, 2012

For the past few months, Lindsay and I have been working late into the night on something special. And today's the day we finally get to tell you all about it :)

Mark your calendars - May 26th - Toronto - for BlogPodium, The Business of Blogging.

Squeeee!!! So much awesomness packed in one newsletter :)

Yes, you read that right. The incredibly awesome, incredibly sweet Nicole Balch from Making It Lovely will be our Keynote Speaker. We are so very honoured to have Nicole share her wisdom with us. This will be her first trip across the border so I'm counting on my fellow Toronto bloggers to help make her feel welcome :)

And if that wasn't exciting enough, one lucky blogger will be flown in from anywhere in Canada to attend BlogPodium. Lindsay and I always felt that Toronto had more than its fair share of awesome blogger events and it was too bad that those farther away couldn't join in on the fun. But now thanks to our sponsor AyA Kitchens & Baths they have a chance to! Whether you're in Kelowna, BC or Summerside, PEI, or anywhere in between, your mad design skills out could land you here at BlogPodium. Pretty cool, right? My admiration for AyA is long-standing and runs deep... I did after all get my fabulous kitchen cabinets from them.

One other company I admire - PARA Paints. I've used PARA Paints in my living room and on my office chairs and I have to say it is now my go-to paint. I can't recommend the paint enough - try it and I'm sure you'll be making the switch too. PARA has done a great job working with bloggers and we're very proud to have them on board as our Title Sponsor.

So that's it, our big news. Go enter the contest, go buy your ticket, and hang on for all the fun BlogPodium is bringing your way!

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  1. lipstikevents1:02 PM

    Just bought my ticket!!


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