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The Basement: Demolition Done!

by - Thursday, March 01, 2012

Progress has been made in the basement folks and its no thanks to us. We hired a contractor, Rob Pahl of Basement Spaces, to do the dirty work and take the space from demolition to finished drywall. We would have done the work ourselves but we're (a) a bit preoccupied with our day jobs and planning the next BlogPodium, (b) working on a super-secret project I can't tell you about yet, and (c) slow and tired and wanted the basement done at least before Chloe moves out of the house - which is questionable had we done all the work ourselves ;) No worries, we'll still be getting in there and doing all the tilework, painting, trimwork, cabinetry, and finishing details.

Rob came highly recommended to us - by HandyMan's ex-girlfriend. Its slightly amusing how many of HandyMan's ex-girlfriends have got in contact with me via this blog. More than one, several, they come out of the woodwork, I tell you! But we did our due diligence too and got quotes from other contractors, asked lots of questions, and checked references. As you can imagine, we're pretty "particular" clients (you've seen the architectural drawings, right?) and really expect a high level of detail and quality work. And so far, Basement Spaces has delivered.

In two short days, they did this...

 and this...

 this too...

 and this. Good bye beloved sunflowers!

Hooray! Luckily, there were no big surprises. No leaks, no mold, only a few little crawlies. Even the elevated floor area turned out to be just a platform with nothing noteworthy underneath.

Clean up happens this week and next with old electrical lines tidied up, some plumbing changes, and then sprayfoam insulation. Things are moving!

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  1. Things always have to get a little ugly before the pretty comes :) Hope the next stages go just as smoothly!! xo

  2. Demo always seems to be quick & dirty, but the prep for a blank slate will be totally worth it.


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