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DwellStudio at The Bay

by - Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I was really excited when I heard that DwellStudio furniture and accessories were going to be sold at The Bay. I've been a fan of their baby and kid's products for a while. Chloe received a couple of their touch & feel books years ago and they appealed to me just as much as they did to her. Aside from furniture and books, DwellStudio has put their signature on everything from fabric and linens to headboards and stationery. I find their products have a clean simplicity with a fashion-y edge about them. They seem very "now". Have a peek at what they're offering at The Bay...

DwellStudio is a real Canadian success story. Barbara did a great interview with founder and designer Christiane Lemieux in her fabulous So Canadian, Eh? series. Christiane worked closely with The Bay to create the settings you see here. I think my favourite might be A. Or C. Or maybe D. 

The DwellStudio products have a retro vibe that reminds me of classic furniture from the 60's and 70's. But paired with really modern fabric patterns, the look is fresh and current and works well in traditional or modern spaces. I especially love their geometric fabrics, like the Gate Citrine fabric we have on our living room chairs from Crate & Barrel.

I've been waiting to see the DwellStudio sofas because once the basement is finished, we'll be moving the living room sofa downstairs and will have to get something new for upstairs. Seeing as we already, have the DwellStudio fabric-covered chairs, one of their sofas might feel right at home in our living room, don't you think?

A little photoshop magic and...

wow! That sofa does fit in and so do the coffee tables and accessories. Did you notice how the colours even work with my blue hutch and dresser? :) I think I'll have to take a closer look at these in store.

The DwellStudio products are available in The Bay flagship stores on Queen Street Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal now, with more stores planned. If you're looking to up the style quotient in your home, you might want to pop by The Bay for a look!

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  1. Yay!  I too love Dwell Studio.  Love the leather chair in "C" and the little gold side table in "D".  And that sofa does look good in your living room.

  2. christine{bijouandboheme}12:29 PM

    I LOVE their furniture line- desperate for that gold little sculpture in the first board.  And yes, that sofa would look amazing in your room! And PS, can you please tell me how to use Photoshop- I've had it for two days and can make zero sense of it.

  3. It is PERFECT in your place!  And holy ninja photoshop skills Jen...

    These are gorgeous - I can't wait to go see them in person. :)

  4. Love your posting and the setting arrangements of tables, sofas and chairs. Thanks for sharing.

    deck cleaning in ct

  5. I love the sectional in D... very nice. Just starting to see what Dwell Studio has to offer! I feel like I am behind..

  6. LOVE everything about Dwell Studio!

  7. I didn't realize they were a Canadian company! Hope they are in Calgary Bay stores soon!

  8. ramblingrenovators12:29 PM

    That leather chair does look sumptuous. I'm not usually a fan of leather but I like the masculine, clean lines of this one!

  9. ramblingrenovators12:29 PM

    I could totally picture their furniture in your place!

    I know, like, 1/10th of what Photoshop can do. An easy way to get started though is to use actions (preset series of commands). These ones from the Pioneer Woman are great:

  10. ramblingrenovators12:29 PM

    The quick selection tool is my best friend ;)

    They didn't have all the pieces in store last week so you might want to wait a bit before you go.

  11. Yay! The Bay is really stepping up their game lately, love it. I'm really loving that couch in your space, totally matches the chloe chairs. I've been looking for a sectional and really like that one in setting D - now hurry up and come to the Edmonton store, Dwell!

  12. Tropics4ples12:29 PM

    really nice but, I can only imagine how $$ the will be @ the Bay..

  13. Auntie Shan12:29 PM

    Actually, that stuff is more 50s - 60s. Nothing 70s in there that I can see [been there, *lived* through them all!]. And, I'd go with a SOLID - [try a deeper shade of BLUEs already in the room] - coloured Sofa since the chairs are Patterned. It's way LESS costly to accent with "Trend"-Pattern-of-the-Month-PILLOW-COVERS than re-upholstering *every* Year!

    Not that I'm against "Patterns", however, their current OVER-use is getting to be *Physically* Visually too much! .."Some" Patterns DO fit well, but a LOT do NOT. -- It's much like how certain Sound-waves can cancel each other out when brought together. The Wrong Pattern combos just Visually cancel out whatever Singular AESTHETIC they may have Each once had! -- So, tossing in a few Solids could stablize the chaos...

    -- Sorry, for the "Artsy"-rant... But, I'm just picky about the miss-use of Patterns. ;-] 

    -- That said, your Table choice DOES work well with the Chairs! And, would work with that Sofa too, *IF* the Chairs were Solids. It's just the Fabric Patterns "together" that's throwing me off...

  14. Love the couch you are placing in your living room - the pattern is divine. I've been longing for the coffee table in setting D to replace my big old leather ottoman...

  15. Barbaras Hodgepodge12:29 PM

    That sofa would be perfection! Thanks for the shout-out! And yes, I live C and D!! Can't wait to check it out at The Bay.

  16. The nesting coffee tables in setting C have been on my wish list since they launched in the U.S.  Exciting!!!

  17. Coffee with Julie12:29 PM

    Oh, please come to Ottawa ASAP!!!! I love Dwell. Love, love, love!

  18. I love the gray and white sofa in setting B! The yellow from setting C is so beautiful too and you're right, it and the coffee table & accessories look perfect in your living room with the existing furniture! 


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