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BlogTalk: Honesty

by - Friday, May 04, 2012

When I first started this blog, I had no idea what to post about. So I posted about the small things. Photos of lighting fixtures I liked, maybe a recipe, a pic of something on Etsy that caught my eye. But it was all so... small... on the surface... glimpses, not deep meaningful looks, at my life. As the posts went on, I got better at sharing more about me like life as a new mother and family pictures. But still...

Its all a well-curated version of reality, isn't it? This blogging thing? And then I came across this post today by Erin of Design For Mankind who was participating in this thought-provoking campaign initiated by EZ of Creature Comforts who was in turn inspired by Jess. The idea was simple: to encourage bloggers to be more honest and share some of those things we keep hidden away from the blog. I'm seeing it more and more on the blogs I read... like A-M who bravely shared about the online bullying she was experiencing on her blog, or Nicole talking about her new normal. And its a wonderful thing.

Blogs have a way of inspiring you - but in the same breath, they can make you feel less worthy. That your life is less glamourous, less beautiful, less perfect than those you see through the lens of your screen. I know I'm guilty of it - showing you the perfectly styled bedroom - without showing you the (constant) mess I have in my drawers or the (constant) pile of laundry waiting to be put away in the corner. So for today's BlogTalk, I think I'll talk about some things I haven't talked about before - and maybe you'll join in too on this wave of drawing the curtain back and shining a bit of light in the shadows.

  1. I like to think I'm organized, but really I'm a closet hoarder. I have too much stuff but I keep it looking neat by stuffing it behind closed doors. I have things I know I should throw away but I keep thinking I'll need them some day so I hang on. My dresser drawers are overflowing with sweaters I haven't worn in six years and 14 pairs of pajamas.
  2. I think I could do a better job at being a mom. These days, my sweet three-year-old tests my patience. I've reached my limit lately and have had found myself shouting more and being increasingly frustrated. I also feel a constant guilt that I'm not teaching her enough, playing with her enough. I secretly hope the basement will encourage me to do more crafty creative things with her.
  3. I worry that blogging isn't good for my health. I'm so immersed in this world now - writing blog posts, reading blogs (for pleasure, for networking and research), creating a conference for bloggers, providing consulting services to bloggers and sponsors - that I spend hours upon hours sitting in front of a computer. I know I should fit exercise into my day, but to do what I need to get done, I need to sit. A lot.
  4. I worry that I won't be able to make a living at whatever it is I'm doing. I have a lot of things on the go but I don't know which, if any, are sustainable over the long term. Am I making a career - or am I making a handful of part-time jobs? HandyMan is wonderfully supportive but I have this constant nagging feeling that I'm not pulling my weight around here.
  5. I get a bit anxious with most of the blog posts I write. Sometimes I think I'm not qualified to talk about the things I talk about. Like BlogTalk. Or designing a room. Other times, I fear I come off sounding like an idiot. When I hit publish, I wonder how many readers I just lost with what I wrote.
My guess? Four.

Well, that felt refreshing. And terrifying.

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  1. You spoke my heart!!!! These 5 thoughts are constantly on my mind & in my heart & this is why I can't shut my brain off to sleep sometimes, ha.

    Selfishly, it makes me feel better that someone as established & "got-it-together" as you has these fears too.  Is that horrible? =]

  2. Your candidness and way with words are why I read your blog and am interested in what you do.  That's part of what makes you YOU.  The fact that you have impeccable taste and an amazing eye are just the icing on the cake.


  3. amazing post Jen! Incredible to hear some of this from you considering your blog is so successful and has led to really great opportunities (Nate, CityLine, running BlogPodium). It is a lot to take on, no doubt about there an easier way? Sure, you could go back to the corporate world, or you could stop blogging, or you could go to yoga everytime you feel a hit of stress (although nothing would get done, right?). There are so many different stages in life...from meeting you a couple of times I would guess that you're pretty good at determining when you're somewhere you SHOULDN"T be. trust it. xo

  4. Oh where to begin...I will first commend you for being able to articulate your feelings and I also want to say that I can't imagine you losing any readers.  I don't think Sarah Richardson has any formal design training so please don't feel like you are not "qualified" - you are! 
    I am a little overwhelmed by the blogging world and have decided to not feel so pressured by it. Lets see if I can succeed at that! I do not compare my life to those I read about online anymore. I think I am now smart enough to know that everyone has crap going on in their life! I think it was the recent marriage breakdowns of some pretty big bloggers that made that clear. I wish I could be more honest on my blog because there are times when I could probably use the support that it would bring. But I am sensitive to my family, my husband especially who by his nature feels responsible for any difficulties we experience in our life or for any sadness I may feel. He needn't but he does just the same. To air it for all to see, including his friends and parents, would be unfair to him.  I too worry about the safety of having a blog and therefore don't really mention where we live even though I could probably gain local readership and perhaps local friends. I worry that I am somehow exploiting my kids by sharing their pictures online.  I am so grateful for this medium that I have used to document our life but I wonder if perhaps I should just make it private - why don't I? What really is my motive to keep it public? Yikes..
    This was a great post. From a great blogger:) 

  5. Ha!  Don't we, design bloggers, share a common issue: hoarding of things we are addicted to.  For me, it's fabrics, home decor accessories, and chairs!  I have way too many of them all and in need of a intervention.  

    Chris had said it a few times now that he will just take a few pictures of the constant mess I have at the house and do a "guest post" on my blog to show you all now we live!

    I also share your pain on #3.  I write my blog at night and since I don't have an office, I often write my blog in bed.  My back has been bothering me a little lately and I think it is a sign my body is telling me: rest more and don't write your blog past mid-night in bed.  

    I have been reading your blog for quite some time now Jen and I agree with many comments ahead of me that you have an authentic voice in your posts and have always been honest about your opinions on products, topics, events.  You have a keen eye on home design and decor, and to me, you are the "subject matter expert"!

    As for the 3 yr-old, I was just at Trio's place this evening and wow, I am just so proud of all you young mothers out there!  Kids these days are a little different than when we were kids.  It takes patience and a lot more patience!    

  6. Grace @ sense and simplicity12:21 PM

    So many good points.  I love the honesty on your blog.  I also struggle with this issue.  For me though I always think that sometimes there can be too much honesty.  For example, I remember one blogger complaining that her husband didn't do his fair share of the work around the house in a blog post.  It made me feel so uncomfortable that she was airing her dirty laundry in public and that her husband had no opportunity to respond.  I also read blogs as a way to relax so I don't really want to know too much about the crappy parts of life as we all have them.  That being said I do love when people show the frustrations in home renovations or the mess that their kids make etc.  

    The other thing that makes me really squirm when it comes to getting too honest on my blog is knowing who will read it.  It always strikes me as odd, but I feel far more comfortable revealing all to strangers than I do to people I know.  I just have to think about my neat tidy aunt reading a post about how messy my closet has become and it really makes me cringe.  

    Such a good post - really makes you think.

  7. Erinoutonalimb12:21 PM

    As much as your incredible style  and talent drew me to your blog, your voice, and the honesty in it is what drew me in and keeps me coming back. It's what makes you easy to relate to in a setting that, could be really impersonal when you think about it. It's also what makes you stand out from the many other design blogs out there. 
    I struggle a lot more now with my patience and my reactions to my two kids, ages 4 and 6, than I ever did when they were toddlers. I have guilt about that and how much active or present time I am giving them. I used to wonder "Am I ruining the baby?" when my oldest was newborn. To some degree, I still have that feeling.

    Hang in there. Thanks for your honesty. It makes women like me feel even better to have another in our ranks. 

    Have a great weekend.

  8. Auntie Shan12:21 PM

    ..hang on... You have a "Closet"?? Jeal-ous!! ;-D

    I'm a "Craft/YARN" "Curator"...with enough *GOOD* STUFF to fill an entire Season of "STORAGE WARS"!

    And, I can seriously relate on the Chunk-of-Time that revolves around Blogging and Cyber-Upkeep in general. I Blog about my "..did I mention that I had No.." Life EVERYDAY! Even when NOTHING happens, it still takes FOREVER to write about IT! However, the hardest part is when there are "Things" that I WOULD like to BLOOG-OUT to the World about, but CAN'T! Because, some "Things" are best being "Private" and/or the Wrong-People will Learn about. -- Some times, it is a Fine-Line...

    Then again, IT is great Therapy in a way, yes?

    Whatever. Don't worry Yourself over it all. Just DO what FEELS *Right*! It all works out in the end!


  9. ramblingrenovators12:21 PM

    I didn't realize we were so alike Amy! That is comforting. Wish you were closer then we could get off our lazy butts together ;) Have a great weekend. xo.

  10. Oh Jen. Thank you so much for this post.
    #1 - I've a closet hoarder for sure! Sadly this seems to be the least of my concern these days.

    As for #3 AND #4,  it's like you looked inside my heart and my head and found the things that are causing me the most angst these days! 
    #3 - I have definitely given up exercise, relaxing with friends / family and other hobbies in order to keep up with the blogging. Some days I find the right balance, but often I get my priorities mixed up.
    # 4 - You summed this one up so well. I have been struggling with how many part-time jobs I have, and how little income I'm bringing in. I try not to put money as a priority, but sometimes I'm tired of worrying about the cost of going out for dinner with friends, buying gifts for friends or switching to iPhone, etc.

    I really appreciate you honesty and kind words. Wishing you a wonderful weekend with your family and friends. xo

  11. christine12:22 PM

    Your blog is one of my very favourites. I think it's probably normal to feel a bit anxious about your posts when you have a popular blog but I wanted to share that I personally think you are a great writer, a fabulous designer and clearly a loving mom too. You are inspiring to me, and this 'Honesty' post only made you more inspiring!

  12. I'm absolutely guilty of not putting myself 100% out there in my blog. I'm a super private person in my "real" life, so just the thought of sharing our renovation experience scares (and yet thrills) me. Blogging has certainly pushed me outside of my comfort zone. 

  13. Jen, 
    I have been a reader for a very long time. I am most guilty of being a blog consumer without commenting enough. 
    I do love your reveals and beautiful photos - they are inspiring for sure. I appreciate the journey you share that got you to the beautiful reveal.(I am loving the basement posts.)  I also admire your writing style. You write with an authentic voice and the clarity in your writing keeps me coming back for more. I always learn something new when I read a post.  Thank you!

  14. Great post Jen! I have been taking a step back from the blogging world as I try to define my new normal and was finding that I felt as though I just didn't measure up against many of the blogs I bad for comparing I know but as I sift through things I realize that it is the ones who shine the light on their imperfections a little that make them seem more approachable, readable and a little less like authorities in living the perfect life.
    Anyone and everyone is a 'expert' but it is experiences that you draw from and that you share that make your blog what it is.
    And as far as being a one is perfect, we all shout and lose our patience from time to time but trust me when I say it is not those moments our children remember because the good far outweighs the bad...their love truly is unconditional. Because you worry about these things makes you both normal, and a wonderful mom!

  15. I'm a fan of honesty on blogs. Definitely makes me want to read them more and makes me feel more...normal. It is nice that you can find people out there who are like you, or who you can relate to. Some blogs that are too 'perfect' looking make me not want to read them because I'll never keep up. 

    Love this series (and your honesty!)

  16. thebookofjimmy12:22 PM

    This, this, this and this.  All of it.  

    It is very difficult to be honest while blogging, but without that authenticity I think it's very hard to connect with people.  I'm noticing my readership gets more involved when I'm honest.  

    There is a flip side to it though.  I've got a handful (maybe a lot) of posts sitting in my draft bin that I just can't pull the trigger on, because they cover sensitive topics and I try very hard to be tactful in them.  But I don't want to water them down at the expense of their honesty.  So they sit until I can figure out how to say what I need.  

    Being real has been the most rewarding part of blogging.  Talking with friends or family I've learned that I've alternatively brought them to tears ( and to "LOLing" ( with my writing.  That is an amazing feeling, and I don't think it would ever happen if I spent all my time sugar coating life or downplaying aspects of it.  

  17. Freshouse12:22 PM

    I feel compelled to post. I'm a professional interior designer and I love your blog!I love your style, your projects, your enthusiasm and your energy. I have been self employed since having my first daughter and have had so many of the same thoughts and fears you have. I think that we all have these insecurities and it's our common bond but we all try so damned hard to hide it. You've inspired me on many occasions and again today. Thanks for your honesty and don't feel like you aren't "enough". You are.

  18. I appreciate your honesty! it must feel refreshing to have it out there. Just wanted to let you know that I do appreciate the work you put in and your blog is one of the ones that inspired me to start blogging!

  19. Doesn't every mother worry she isn't doing enough every day? and dad's too. My husband and I just had a conversation where he felt he was drained and didn't feel he was interacting and playing with the kids enough. We are all so busy and our own expectations are so high.
    You definitely won't loose me as a reader, I love your blog, your content, your voice and this post.
    My blog mostly talks about positive things as well, but I purposefully do that because I noticed once we had kids that my husband and I kept focusing on the negative things - horrible sleepless nights, vacations that were a disaster because the kids wouldn't eat or sleep or misbehaved, weekends that were rotten because we didn't have glorious family time. I wanted to remember the positive despite the challenges of having kids, a house, two full-time jobs, etc.
    So, while I share some things that don't work according to plan (fireplace, my kids eating breakfast), my blog is meant to be a positive diary of sorts.

  20. Kristen12:22 PM

    Don't ever worry about sharing your views, thoughts and opinions. You are an expert. You are an expert at being a mother, being a wife, designing your home, blogging and so much more. Don't ever doubt yourself. Everyday you put yourself out there and you help someone else. We all appreciate you, respect you, and keep coming back each day. Thank you.

  21. thebookofjimmy12:22 PM

    I think this is a good point (honesty vs. privacy).  I know I struggle with that too.  I tell myself that it isn't much worth writing something if it isn't going to be honest, and that choosing to blog I've kind of committed myself to sharing more of my life on the internet (and thus the whole world), than I would otherwise.  

    But I do try to remind myself every time I hit "publish" on a post that I'm about to share this particular part of my life with everyone I know or might eventually know, and weigh that reality before I do it.  

  22. oh, I love this post, Jenn. I always LOVE people's honesty and appreciate when bloggers keep it real. I struggle with this sometimes too, thinkng who cares about my piles of laundry, or dishes, or crappy days? But at the same time I hate thinking that I made just one person feel bad or inadequate thinking I have a "perfect life". I struggle with honesty and privacy too - sometimes it's a scary thing knowing so much of your life is out there on the world wide web?!
    Thanks for this post and for your honesty :)

  23. I love your list! I saw this yesterday and made a list of my own, and then started reading through all of the lists that are going around. I am SO thankful that this happened, because I feel like we're all a lot more similar than we realize! Seeing so much perfection online can be so intimidating, and stressful! My house is covered with pet hair 99% of the time, and now I know it's OK!!! Ha ha!

  24. You are not alone sister! I have the same insecurities and guilt all the time. I always ask who am I to talk about decor/ design...but then I realize its my point of view I'm sharing...nothing more. The 3 year old testing your patience...I know it all too well. Crazy junk drawers...i got them too. I think your blog is terrific. Sometimes I want to see the perfectly styled homes and sometimes real life. Its the balance I look for. I think your daughter would be very proud of her mama following her take pride in that! 

  25. Well, apart from #2 (since I don't have kids), I can totally relate to everything you said. I think it's normal for us all to feel this way. And there's nothing wrong with being honest and taking off those rose coloured glasses once in a while. We're not all as perfect as things might look since we're all juggling the same things and dealing with our own feelings of being inadequate. But I find blogging is wonderfully supportive and just when things seem to be getting me a bit down, a wonderful comment will give me just the boost I need to lift my chin up again. xo

  26. Likewise, you reflect some of my 'unexposed' concerns and dimensions. I can especially relate to #s 3 and 4. As much as I love blogging and the opportunities I'm developing, I too sometimes spend too much time in front of the computer and also wonder if it can lead to a career or if it's a bit of part-time fun. I also have difficulty striking the balance between sharing enough to be interesting and sharing too much at the risk of being too out there. Thanks again for starting the conversation! Looking forward to seeing you at BlogPodium!

  27. I appreciate your honesty! I feel like I know you much better now, which is a good thing. Perfection does not equal likability in my book. Thanks for letting us into your life.

  28. GREAT post!!! i don't blog much anymore, and a main reason was honesty! i finally realized things aren't always what they appear on blogs that look like a perfectly styled magazine. and now i avoid those wasn't nice to come online for inspiration and instead feel inadequate. lol 

  29. Being revealing is so hard.  Especially because once the world wide web gobbled your secret, it can be hard to take it back.  And you never who is reading (stalker? high school foe? potential employer?)  I love knowing you feel insecure about blogging because, in my eyes you rock!  I feel similar insecurity. And I worry by hobby is engulfing time I should spend on my actual job!  Knowing I'm not alone feels good, so thanks.  But, really? Your blog is beautiful, you are so talented and awe-inspiring. 

  30. Thanks for the much needed boost.
    I love a little window into how other people live.
    I don't need you to be a professional interior designer to hear what you have to say about creating a home......I LOVE it all!
    Have a great day,
    Tania xx

  31. Weiya @ Enjoyer of Grace12:22 PM

    This was exactly how I've been feeling and what I needed to hear, so thank you! I worry about almost exactly the same things but often feel like I can't show that side of me when blogging. You are a special lady and I hope you never feel unqualified. I love all your posts and appreciate your genuiness!

  32. I wrote a very honest post about blogging yesterday. I didn't even know I was part of a trend. ;) Thank you so much for sharing this!

  33. I whole heartedly appreciate your honesty.

    And quite frankly, I prefer to read blogs written by people who aren't self described "experts". It's so much more comfortable.

    I'm editing to add: I am 100% guilty of hiding things...last night I took pictures of the exterior of our house for my post this morning, and stood at strategic angles so that trees would hide the piles of construction garbage sitting at the front of the house. Whoops!

  34. Alex_northofseven12:22 PM

    Wonderfully written! I had contemplated writing something about this but as a very new blogger, I didn't think it was my place to discuss something as this just yet. That is, I've read blogs for a long time before I had enough courage to start my own. And one of the catalysts for it was that I was tired of seeing the Perfect Becky Crocker Homemaker SuperMom DIY crafting God image of them. Because in reality most of us do laundry, our kids draw on the walls, ruin our new furniture that we buy and do a DIY craft and have it melt in front of our faces. Not to mention DIY'ing is not always cheaper. I was convinced I couldn't possibly be the only reader/wife/mom out there going, why can't I read about someone like me? It's hard to find a balance b/c you do want to show nice shiny pretty things that we all aspire to renovate and build and no one likes to hear negativity and whining all the time. So it's a learning curve. I'm just glad I came across this post and the links as it's refreshing to hear that I am not alone in thinking this. :)

  35. I love this post. I can fully relate to many of these especially #3 (health mainly being a crazy amount of anxiety I know get from blogging and having my own business) and #4. I feel like I do a million things and don't make a lot of money. Nate is also super supportive but I know I'm not pulling in my weight financially. I really struggle with the guilt of this even though I'm hoping one day I will be making enough to support us both.

  36. I am writing my own things I'm afraid to tell you post as we speak. I love the honesty in this post (as well as the others in this series) and I think it helps make this a much more open and inviting atmosphere to participate in.  Didn't we all get into to this to share?  And sharing means sharing the good and the not so good.

  37. ramblingrenovators12:22 PM

    Oh FC, we're too much alike :) I'm so not 'got-it-together', maybe in some parts, but others, not so much. I do feel better knowing I'm not alone though. xo.

  38. ramblingrenovators12:22 PM

    Thanks jbhat. I always wondered why you hung around here ;)

  39. ramblingrenovators12:22 PM

    Thanks for the encouragement Heather. I needed to hear that. xo.

  40. I had no idea either Jen! Love it!
    Yes, I wish I could teleport myself over to TO so we could go running or something!...or maybe just go for a reaaaaallly long walk down the best decor shop filled streets. Haha! 
    Hope you had a lovely weekend. Cheers!

  41. you're like a breath of fresh air.  (before and after reading this.)

  42. Sylvia12:22 PM

    Dear Jeniffer, I am extremely glad I found your blog today with a post that speaks volumes to my heart. I appreciate your honesty and thank you for making me feel not alone! I spend almost an hour reading your ideas and thoughts and I believe you have such a keen eye for beauty and elegance as it makes you more than qualified to present it to us. You are an inspiration!

  43. Cynthia Weber12:22 PM

    This post could not have come at a better time for me. I started blogging only recently as a way of adding to my interiors business. My husband and I work together and we have a very hands on approach to working with clients. We were encouraged to start blogging to share our stories and our unique relationship. We have gotten a great response but I had not counted on the huge change in personal privacy. I feel slightly exposed and vulnerable. Thank you for your honesty. It has given me permission to admit my struggle in adjusting to this new lifestyle.
    Cynthia @AButton Tufted Life.

  44. I'm interested to see how this perspective begins to change the blogs on an everyday basis, its seems a tidal shift. And so connected to the larger conversation of what women (and men) can and should accomplish. Its so hard to balance everything. Oh, and everyone goes on and on about the terrible twos, but its three you really have to watch out for :)

  45. ramblingrenovators12:22 PM

    It was a struggle to write my post Tara! I'm surprised by how much we bloggers share the same worries - how much to share, how many pictures of the kids to post. I do believe though that blogs are the most supportive places you can find. And while I think going private is right for some, I think yours is a beautifully written and photographed one - you do add something special to this blog world. xo.

  46. ramblingrenovators12:22 PM

    Tim, you always say the nicest things. You inspire me as well. Have a great weekend. Looking forward to seeing you soon. xo.

  47. ramblingrenovators12:22 PM

    I agree, I like honesty, but not too much of it. Its a fine line to balance. Thanks Gracie.

  48. ramblingrenovators12:22 PM

    Oh no, I need more patience as C gets older? ;) Funny, but I think its the mom thing which put the personality in my blog. You see the world a little differently once they come into it. Have a great weekend.

  49. ramblingrenovators12:22 PM

    Do what feels right is a good way to go ;) Have a great weekend!

  50. ramblingrenovators12:22 PM

    That might be one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. I'm so glad you enjoy the blog christine. xo.

  51. ramblingrenovators12:22 PM

    I would never have guessed that from reading your blog! You always seem so confident, especially in your decorating choices, and I find that really inspiring.

  52. ramblingrenovators12:25 PM

    Trio, I always notice when you comment because you're always so thoughtful :) Thanks for the kind words. I never know how readers "see" me so its nice to hear your thoughts.

  53. ramblingrenovators12:25 PM

    So nice of you to say some things I needed to hear Jo :)

  54. ramblingrenovators12:25 PM

    Yours is a perfect example of an honest, relatable blog. You always keep it real Janice! Thanks for your comments. xo.

  55. ramblingrenovators12:25 PM

    I struggle with that too. The editing, to post or not to post, is tricky because I feel inauthentic sometimes if I don't talk about things, but not talking about them is sometimes for a good reason.

  56. ramblingrenovators12:25 PM

    Thanks for coming out Freshouse :). I guess I know I am enough, but I appreciated your reminder. xo.

  57. ramblingrenovators12:25 PM

    Thanks Laura! Keep on bloggin!

  58. ramblingrenovators12:25 PM

    I think mine is positive too. That's the stuff worth remembering ;)

  59. ramblingrenovators12:25 PM

    That was the nicest comment Kristen :) Thanks for the boost!

  60. ramblingrenovators12:25 PM

    Good point Jimmy. I still find it weird to know that some of my friends and family read this blog... it feels easier to 'unload' to unknown strangers. We should all "check" ourselves though because you'll never know who will come across what you've read.

    On the privacy thing, I may be an optimist but I believe people are generally good. The only ones who have ever come up to me have been very supportive and I've never had issues with stalkers (that I know of - ha!). Hmmm, privacy may be a good blogtalk topic.

  61. ramblingrenovators12:25 PM

    Its true. No matter if you're a new blogger or super-successful seasoned one, we all face the same insecurities.

    Pet hair is okay! As is spending all day in your pajamas ;)

  62. ramblingrenovators12:25 PM

    Loved your post Melanie (and your whole blogging mommies series). You are ahead of the curve!

  63. ramblingrenovators12:25 PM

    Sundeep, we're two peas in a pod. This chasing our dreams thing can be a scary place sometimes. Good to know I'm not alone.

  64. ramblingrenovators12:25 PM

    Oh, I totally "edit" the photos I take too. Have a great weekend Ashley.

  65. ramblingrenovators12:25 PM

    And your comment did just that. Thanks for being supportive (even halfway around the world!)

  66. ramblingrenovators12:25 PM

    #3 and 4 seem to resonate with a lot of bloggers. Hope we both figure out the answers soon. See you at BlogPodium!

  67. ramblingrenovators12:25 PM

    Thanks for caring enough to read along Tara.

  68. ramblingrenovators12:25 PM

    Totally agree. There are some blogs I can't read because they are just so perfect and productive with their projects that I was just left feeling disheartened. Hope all I ever leave you with is inspiration :)

  69. ramblingrenovators12:25 PM

    I know, its out there now! You rock too Tanya!

  70. ramblingrenovators12:25 PM

    Glad you do. Thanks for commenting - you have a lovely blog. So fresh!

  71. ramblingrenovators12:25 PM

    Its nice to know that others are feeling the same things. Thanks :)

  72. Anonymous12:25 PM

    You didn't lose me! Loved your honesty.

  73. All that means, is that you are normal! Give yourself a pat on the back for your many accomplishments. Chloe will love you for it.

  74. Kudos to you for your honesty, transparency and thoughtfulness. This is a very brave post. Good job.


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