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Oldie: Mini Chair Makeover

by - Wednesday, May 16, 2012

To celebrate five years of blogging fun, I'm reposting some of my favourite posts this week. Hope you enjoy them the second time around!


Originally posted March 24, 2010

8 months, 148 nail tacks, 7 feet of flexible tacking strip, 1.5 yards of fabric, 1 quart of paint, and 2 bloody fingers to take this:

to this  and finally this:

It's not perfect, but its done :) This is my first reupholstery job and I learned a few things like:
- flexible tacking strip is probably well suited for regular sized furniture but is a pain in the butt for a mini chair like this one
- flexible tacking strip needs lots of foam on top of it to prevent it from poking through the fabric
- for a first time reupholstery project, don't pick fabric with stripes or plaids (strike 1 and strike 2!)

So it took much more effort than I anticipated but I'm pretty happy with it. Now Chloe will have a chair to sit on when she blows the candle off of her 1st birthday cake!! Not that the kid likes to sit on the chair - yet. The chair isn't the only thing that's changed:

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