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Thursday Random

by - Wednesday, May 09, 2012

I'm consumed with planning for BlogPodium so today all I have energy for is a random photo post. A few snippets of my life lately.

With the basement being worked on, things aren't where they're supposed to be and clutter is everywhere. Case in point: the play kitchen is in Chloe's bedroom and she play cooks all hours of the day and night. I'm happy she's enjoying the kitchen we made her. I'm just wondering when that "clean up" gene kicks in.

Chloe and I made some thank you cards a few weeks ago for the birthday gifts she received. Is there anything cuter than seeing little kid signatures? That's an OLCH and sideways E if you couldn't translate it. We'll have to work on getting those letters in order ;)

I think pinky-coral is my colour. Thank you Joe Fresh.

The weather last weekend was fantastic so we got to spend lots of time outdoors. That meant hanging off the monkey bars and diving head first down bouncy slides. Isn't that what being 3 years old is all about?

My best girlfriends finally got me to download WhatsApp onto my phone so now we can chat at all hours of the day. Some of them have been digging up and sending out old photos from our almost 30 years of friendship. I've been digging in my archives to see if I have anything to contribute. This is a good one - and they will likely all kill me when they find out I've posted it - but I think we all look so happy. And young! I look 14 years old. $5 bucks to the person who can guess how old I actually was in this photo ;)

Tea Party at The Old Mill

One of these lovely ladies is actually getting married next week and we're all meeting up on the sunny shores of Florida, kids and husbands in tow, to help her celebrate. More happy pictures are sure to follow.

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  1. good luck with blogpodium, Jennifer! And have a fabulous trip :) I could almost dress exclusively from Joe, and the best part is I can work it into the grocery budget, lol!

  2. your new shirt. Oh Joe is so great, isn't it!
    You're daughter's signature is too's too bad that we overthink it as we age and make it so serious. Wish I could be this carefree with my signature!
    Hope you find a few minutes to relax and unwind from all of the demands of BlogPodium, blogging, business, etc.
    Take care Jen! xo

  3. Grace @ sense and simplicity12:21 PM

    Yep - pinky-coral all the way!

    I think you are 22 in that photo - old enough to have money so you can afford tea at the Old Mill, but young enough that you have the time to all get together to have tea.  All the turtlenecks are very 1990s.  I keep waffling and thinking maybe you are 24 - then I go back to 22.  I've only been to the Old Mill a few times so I can't remember if that wallpaper in the background is still there, but it looks a little dated as well.  Anyway, I'll stick with 22 years old.  

  4. Sixtyfifthavenue12:21 PM

    That is your color, you look beautiful! We are at age 6 and cleaning up on her own still isn't happening.

  5. ramblingrenovators12:21 PM

    Happy early birthday to your little guy!

  6. MelissaMacGregor12:21 PM

    My son makes "E" the same way with about 20 lines!!  So cute.  He turn 3 next week... Coral is definitely your color!!!

  7. MelissaMacGregor12:21 PM

    Thanks Jen!

  8. ramblingrenovators12:21 PM

    You are a sleuth, Grace. Yes, that was tea at the Old Mill... but it was way after the 1990s. Guess we all held onto our turtlenecks past their prime, lol.

    My real age in this photo...34 ;) Which makes me think a) I looked great at 34 and b) I must have aged in the last few years because that photo wasn't taken that long ago! Ha!!

  9. Love Joe! We're tearing apart our youngest boys room (three years later than we had planned!) and all of the Lego that was stored there has made it's way down to the coffee table in the living room. It's a ZOO! I get it. Enjoy the mess... right?! ;)

  10. ramblingrenovators12:21 PM

    6? Noooooo ;)

  11. Auntie Shan12:21 PM

    Am I going to HAVE to send Chloe *another* Washcloth?!  ;-D

  12. I wish we had Joe Fresh here....that top is great! 

    Have a wonderful trip!  And here's to a fantastic BlogPodium!


  13. barbara @hodge:podge12:21 PM

    LOve that shirt! Will need to check out Joe Fresh as I need some outfits for Blogpodium! As for girlfriends - glad you have kept in touch for all these years - enjoy Florida!

  14. I love that you involve Chloe with thank you notes - I've noticed that few people actually send thank you notes anymore which is such a shame!

  15. You look great in coral...and have loads of fun in FLorida! you lucky gal you!

  16. That's a cute pic - both actually. I would say 1992?
    I hope you get to relax a little once in Florida?

  17. OH have fun in Florida! And don't forget that pink coral shirt:)
    I'm going to guess the year - 1996? You look beautiful in both pics!

  18. Coral is so your colour!

  19. ramblingrenovators12:21 PM

    I think that way too... but then I come home with a ton of Joe stuff and still have nothing to eat! Ha.

  20. ramblingrenovators12:21 PM

    I never thought of it that way - that her signature is carefree. You're right! Thanks for the perspective Amy :)


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